Vaccines do cause autism


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(Next World Health TV | Celia Farber) In August of 2014, Autism Media Channel published bombshell recordings of a CDC autism researcher, who blew the whistle on systemic fraud and data-tampering inside the CDC. The main stream media, months later, kept a near total silence on the explosive story.

But when CNN's health reporter condescended to parents of autistic children by insisting "vaccines do not cause autism" and adding, "some people don't hear this well", she accidentally triggered a social media video revolution. Parents began recording one minute videos documenting that their children were developmentally normal until they got a certain round of vaccinations.

This is the channel where all the Hear This Well-videos are gathered, now numbering in the hundreds. They tell the true story of vaccines and autism the mainstream media refuses to tell.

I wrote about this when it first happened.

Source: Next World Health TV

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