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Judith en Elly

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(Earth Matters / Transcript Elly de Lezenne Coulander) The planetary DNA is evolving as humans enter the heart vibration.  Judith is able to expand her light body and receive information from the Cosmic Source about the ascension of Earth and the power of DNA.  The crystalline DNA is intelligent and is able to communicate with other DNA as it receives and transmits information.

There are three kinds of DNA: Genetic, Soul and Cosmic.  The genetic DNA caries the genetic codes from the physical lineage. The Soul DNA contains the archives of everything the soul has ever experienced since the creation of the Soul.  Past lives can be accessed and cleared through the hologram of the soul DNA. The Cosmic DNA contain crystalline archives of the wisdom of creation. The Cosmic DNA is being activated by cosmic forces opening the crystal libraries of light in all aspects of DNA which clears and restores the original human blueprint which is one of love and oneness.

The DNA of humanity was manipulated by off planet intelligence and Atlantean scientists. As the light flows from cosmic source the DNA is activated restoring the God Code, or the God Particle in Human DNA.  Once this illumination is opened the DNA of awakened humans communicate light patterns to the collective DNA restoring the God Particle. This makes it possible for us to heal the wounds of the past traumas, and to open to the new energies of peace manifested through human consciousness.  Hope is restored, we are not locked in a pattern of suffering and pain we are healing our DNA as we receive the new codes of Light from the Cosmic Source.

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