Revealing interview with Michael Tellinger by Anthony Migchels | March 20, 2014 | Haren, the Netherlands

Michael & Anthony

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(Earth Matters) In this revealing conversation Michael Tellinger talks to Anthony Migchels (real currencies) about the connection between stone circles, freedom, bankers, hypersound technology, Ubuntu, the origins of humankind, contributionism and much more. With the latest news and insights in alternative currencies and monetary reform.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand what actually happened in our past, how this is enslaving to us today and most important:
How to walk the simple and gracious road to freedom!

We hope you enjoy this interview just as much as we did.

The probably most modern alternative money sytem that exists around the world at this moment, the Gelre of which Anthony is the initiator, is also discussed. It is convertable with the euro, but does not have inflation or deflation and has no interest. The Nederlandse Bank issued a fiat for this system which is a huge accomplishment.

PS The sound gets a bit out of sync unfortunately. Towards the end it is almost sync again. 

Related mainstream video in which the foundation of money making as stated by Michael and Anthony is openly acknowledged:

Money creation in the modern economy - Quarterly Bulletin article   

For the Bulletin article on money creation, see:­uments/quarterlybulletin/2014/qb14q1prer­eleasemoneycreation.pdf

Michael Tellinger | Recording court day Johannesburg | 12th of Febuary 2014

Michael Tellinger defends himself in the Johannesburg Supreme Court against a bill of R280,000 ($28,000) for legal costs by Standard Bank - in which he defended himself against the foreclosure of his property. This case lasted for 3 years, starting in March 2011. His argument was that the bank had no right to begin action against him because they were no longer the owner of the original contract, having sold it to a third party through a process called securitisation. The original contract was never presented as evidence in court.This was simply ignored by the judge and a judgement was handed down in favour of the bank - the property was auctioned and legal costs of R280,000 were served on Michael Tellinger for legal fees of the bank.

To date Michael has paid the bank with three separate promissory notes, amounting to well over R400,000, that have been delivered and accepted by the bank - creating a legal precedent for other payments in the form of promissory notes by ordinary people. Please take note that this is a legal form of payment by the bank's own admission in the court during the 3 years of hearings on this matter and also in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Act of South Africa. The payment is complete on delivery of the NOTE.

An example of the Gelre

Geplaatst door Anthony Migchels

Anthony Migchels

My name is Anthony Migchels. I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands. I am married and we have twin sons.

Waking up to the Money Power after 9/11, I started the Gelre, the first regional currency in the Netherlands...

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