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(Earth Matters | Stone Circle Ubuntu Village | Ton Sieben ) From the love for the world and a common vision Michael Tellinger and Louise Clarke called in to being a new way of living; Ubuntu Contributionism. By inviting volunteers from all over the world to “the womb” they created the conditions in which the idea could start growing, and it did. The new and exciting form of life is starting to take shape and give signs of life to the world. We, who give life, energy and form to this wonder are happy to say that not long from now, the world will be able to celebrate the tangible birth of this new "Ubuntu beginning".

It is now almost seven weeks ago that the first volunteers arrived here at the Stone Circle Ubuntu Village. Since then the group has grown to a eight souled group from all over the world. It is very special to see how synchronicities bring this group together with an almost tangible sense of meaning. Two people, one from Denmark and the other from Holland, meeting each other again here in Waterval Boven after seeing each other at the pyramids in Bosnia past summer, a guy from England, called Adam, without knowing of the Ubuntu Village arrives in Waterval Boven after a chain of events in which his own dream of starting a community fell apart. The list of synchronicities keeps going and has brought us to a point where we can say that we all are here with a reason and are enjoying every minute of the trip. Because that is what it certainly is. A journey we are taking together. Each with her or his own path laid out with lessons and blessings. And so we started with our first little communal steps. Not knowing what we would encounter we all started to do the things we know best and in there lay the first big challenge. Because what is good for you doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for everybody. So the first period after the “conception” of our project was one of searching. Searching for balance. A period in which the different parts of our selves got to know each other. During this process there were daily tasks that needed to be done and so we did, quickening the forming of cohesion. 

The group
After almost seven weeks we can say we are a group. Not everybody is meant to be friends with everybody. Some people are prone to challenge each other more then others and that’s why we tend to choose our friends our selves. Smoothing the path before us, but with that, avoiding important lessons to be learned. Here, at Ubuntu Village, we didn’t have the freedom to choose our fellow creators and thus we had to learn from our differences. The worlds which we come from are so different that the process was a logical one. But if we, the people of the world, are going to do what we need to do; unite, than we all will have to be brave and bridge the gaps. Follow us now in a short introduction of our multifaceted group:

The three Dutch amigo’s
To be called “Dutch” in South Africa is not really a compliment. The “apartheid” has created tensions between the multiple colours of people in this country and in that the insult “Dutchmen” was born. But as, Jared, our new friend from South Africa, said “The Dutch are back, this time to bring good to this country”. And that is something Johan Herder, Eline de Jong and Ton Sieben are very proud of. All connected to the Dutch alternative news website they came to share their knowledge, skills and energy to this beautiful project and to spread the heart and soul of Ubuntu Contributionism throughout the world. Initially their plan was to make photo’s, video’s and blogs. But as always first things come first. Building, cooking, organising, healing, creating, cleaning, planning,… all were part of the daily work. So they found themselves disconnected from their usual digital, media related, life and connecting with the world and mother nature.

Simon “Blue Lunar Monkey” Allen
As our English contributor of Asian descent he brought his own experiences. Which are a lot. Years of working in a big range of working areas he has much to give. In the past he worked a lot in kitchens and so knows his way around there. But he also creates in ways of construction, painting and artistic drawing. With all these possibilities, your own experiences of life and a “new family” it can be hard to find a path and a place in a group. But being the “blue monkey” (Tzolkin) he is, he finds his way in any situation with a big smile. As the first one to get up in the morning he spends time with the dogs and clears the path for the day. He loves to work hard and to contribute and that is what this entire thing is about.

David “The Enigma” Bain
David may be the wisest and kindest of us all. David came here taking a life of impressive experience with him. With that he has a tranquil way of living, thinking, working and sharing. His Scottish heritage gives him the sturdiness of the highlands and the skill to do his things his own way. With that inspiring trust and love. There is nothing David can’t or won’t do for Ubuntu.

Maja “Serbian Lotus” Risovic
Green fingers and a big heart for life in general. Coming from an organic agricultural family working in the gardens is in her blood. With her music in her ears we find her watering them or laughing of amazement about all the wonders going on in the garden. Coming from the Balkan Maja gives our group the colour of appreciation of small things and sharing that with the rest.

Rie “Healing Hands” Dalsgaard Jespersen
One of our newest additions comes from Denmark. It’s been said that some parts the Scandinavian countries are going through an awakening process in a quick pace. And it seems like Rie came from one of them. Her light energy is a fresh breeze in a warm country and her experience with and knowledge of Reiki is helping us a lot already. As far as we can say after four days () we are very happy to have her strengthening our Ubuntu way of life.
Adam “Child of Zion” Chatterton
A few days ago Adam just drove up to the terrain of our Ubuntu Village. Bringing his drone to make aerial footage of Stone Circles and Adam’s Calendar. But what he found was the beginning of a dream he had been carrying with him for years. A community of conscious people who are working toward a free, healthy and harmonious world. So he staid and with that adding his exceptional drive and experiences.

Fragile first beginnings
Ubuntu Village is like a new life in a womb. Fragile and slow but surely growing. Like a young couple, pregnant of their first child, we, the first group of volunteers, together with our hosts, are carefully and tenderly creating the circumstances in which this beautiful project can grow into a headstrong movement. By building and maintaining places to sleep for volunteers, travellers and other contributors. By organising the bistro and river bar where these people can eat, share thoughts, knowledge, inspiration and laughter. The vegetable gardens are being taken care of and step by step every aspect of our Ubuntu Village is progressing. But what is even more important is laying the communal foundations. Because, what is the essence of a community? We say it is the people in it who share the common ideology, common goals and common motivation. So here we are. Spending a lot of time communicating with each other. Each sharing their own experiences, ideas and knowledge. And by doing that we are now where we are. Ready for the following wave of volunteers and for the next phase of growth of our beautiful community.

Our Ubuntu Dreamspell 
Like the Mayans of old we are busy dreaming of our future. We see the communal gardens, the local fish farm and the seedling nursery where we will grow food for our selves, the community and all who will share with us. We see the educational system that will bring forth wonderful free thinking and free spirited young people who will be in contact with nature, each other and the world. We hear the beats and sounds of the music that will be played and shared with all who will add to our song of consciousness, love, wisdom and abundance. We feel the way of life that we have started to live here and that hope that it will spread all over the world. We think the world is ready. Ready to surpass greed, fair and pain. The world is ready to be free.

Source: Earth Matters

Geplaatst door Ton Sieben

Ton Sieben

Hallo, mijn naam is Ton Sieben. Mijn overtuiging is dat ieder mens het recht heeft op geluk, gezondheid, liefde en al het moois dat onze aarde te bieden heeft. Ook weet ik door persoonlijke ervaring dat je alles wat je wilt bereiken ook kúnt bereiken...

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