Interview on Social Engineering with Cara St. Louis by Earth Matters & Want to know

Cara St. Louis

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(Earth Matters & Want to Know) Cara st. Louis is an author and an alternative researcher. She was a producer at The People’s Voice TV, a contributing editor at Veteran’s Today, a novelist (Consolata’s Companion) and activist esoteric researcher (The Sun Thief).

She held a lecture close to Amsterdam on the 22nd of April, 2017 and Arjan Bos en Guido Jonkers interviewed her on several hot and controversial topics.

There is so much more to the social engineering and cultural implosion of the 20th Century, which Cara calls the Stolen Century. Would it surprise you to find that there is every likelihood a false 1000 years of history has been inserted into our timneline to justify royal expansionism? How about the unseen elements working for us, reawakened to take on the threat to Sophia.

She has several great books out at the moment; one is The Sun Thief and her most recent title is Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation. Cara is currently working on a Workbook which is a deep and radical follow-up to the original text of Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation.

Her follow-up to Dangerous Imagination, silent assimilation and the deep “radical thinking” approaches she is weaving into the Workbook which will cover such topics as the fabrication of history, savior programming, the Sun’s role in sustaining life and how humanity can break free of the matrix.

The full lecture will be available on Vimeo soon!

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