The One relationship | Satsang with Tiger Singleton


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Tiger's gift is to clarify the experience of being human, so that Joy can be seen. This was the invitation for this fully crowded satsang at the Youniversal studio in Haren. Deep insights in the nature of reality were often accompanied but hilarious laughter.

A meeting with Tiger is a possibility to investigate how you can fall into your authentic expression and allowing yourself to be with Joy.

Take the time to watch this Satsang and grant yourself the opportunity to playfully tap into the miracle you already are.

"I am here to peak inside the problematic dream
and set fire to the illusion of you,
so that you might wake up
and see the nature of the infinite you."


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The One relationship | Satsang with Tiger Singleton from Earth Matters on Vimeo.

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Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open.

Sir James Dewar

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