Judith K. Moore: we are multi-dimensional beings of love and light | Part 3 | Earth Matters TV

Judith K Moore

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(Earth Matters | Elly de Lezenne Coulander) Judith brings hope for what often seems to be a hopeless world.  She has explored her multi-dimensional consciousness and works with her team beyond the veil.

The veil between the physical world and the spiritual world has thinned. This means that we are opening to being a team with beings in the non-physical reality and in other dimensions.

We hear many stories of people who have near death experiences and return with light and wisdom. They are messengers beyond the veil, the message is about love. Many people have loved ones who are angelic beings who work as a team with their loved ones in the light on earth.

We are encouraged to know that the divine realms are assisting us and we are not alone.  Our world has already shifted and as we receive more light we will awaken as truly multi-dimensional beings.  Many people are guided by off planet benevolent ET’s, by the Ascended Masters, Ancestors and Angels. There is a massive release of planetary Karma.

New children are being born with psychic gifts and are working with the multi-dimensional reality. If we were alone in the Universe there would be no hope for humanity or our beloved Mother Earth, but we are not. Welcome to a journey of faith and an invitation to co-create with our team beyond the veil. 

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