Burnout: toename door EMV van Mobiele telefonie en draadloze communicatie

Reducing the cancer risk of RF radiation from mobile phones

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(Stop UMTS) Increasing incidence of burnout due to magnetic and electromagnetic fields of cell phone networks and other wireless communication technologies | by Ulrich Warnke and Peter Hensinger 

Burnout syndrome (BOS) is a psychosomatic stress disorder. Exogenous stress leads to oxidative cellular stress, the formation of excessive reactive oxygen species, reactive nitrogen species, and reaction products (ROS/RNS). This then leads to mitochondrial metabolic dysfunction, which results in a lack of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and subsequently in a diminished performance of cells. Lack of ATP is a crucial factor in BOS, as well as in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). A crucial element in the multisystem disease BOS is inflammation as a consequence of nitrosative and oxidative stress, as well as the acquired mitochondriopathy. Weak ambient magnetic fields (e.g. from transformers in devices) and various radio-frequency resonances increase the level of free radicals and their reaction products that have toxic effects. The nonionizing radiation of cell phone networks and other wireless communication technologies (cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.) also leads to cell stress. There is a correlation between the stress trigger due  to living conditions, magnetic fields, and RF radiation of cell phone networks and other wireless communication technologies. The affected person will suffer from functional impairment and diseases; and if these are hereditary, they will be passed on to the next generation as a pre-existing defect, as is the case with e.g. “acquired energy dyssymbiosis syndrome'' (AEDS). 

Translation: By Katharina Gustavs and authorized by the author and publisher. 

Original publication: WARNKE U; HENSINGER P (2013): Steigende „Burn-out“-Inzidenz durch technisch erzeugte magnesche und elektromagnesche Felder des Mobil- und Kommunikaonsfunks; umwelt-medizin-gesellscha6, 26(1): 31-38.

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Kroniek van het maatschappelijk verzet tegen zendmasten voor mobiele telefonie. Archief van 'early warnings' over de gezondheidsgevaren van de draadloze maatschappij...

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