Heaven Earth: Amazonian ayahuasca-shamanism in Iquitos

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Heaven Earth explores the practice and commercialization of amazonian ayahuasca-shamanism in Iquitos.

The feature-length documentary film portrays all day activities of Percy – a Peruvian healer and another western ayahuasquero, named Ron. Both live near Iquitos and host nightly ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats, mainly for interested westerners.

Participants of ayahuasca ceremonies, tour operators and –guides, as well as western vision seekers reveal episodes of their internal imagery and recount stories about their journeys.

A growing global pop culture – swinging between psychotherapeutic healing procedure and spiritual sell-out.


Directed by: Rudolf Pinto do Amaral
Camera: Harald Scherz
Idea & Concept: Rudolf Pinto do Amaral
Edited by: Harald Scherz
produced by: Selva productions

Poetry: Royce S. Alido
Sounddesign+Mix: Thomas Poetz / soundtrackvienna

"Heaven Earth" from Harald Scherz on Vimeo.


... Percy Garcia Lozano
... Ron Wheelock
... Pablo Amaringo
... Royce Alido
... Jeremy Bennett
... Elisa Vargas Fernandez
... Alejandro Flores
... Edwin Godoy Perez
... Magaly Garcia
... Richard Garcia Huayambi
... Justin Hampton
... Philip Horvath
... Juan Ruiz Naupari
... Cesar Ruben Pena
... Alan Shoemaker
... Carlos Tanner

 International Title: "HEAVEN EARTH"
Spanish Title: "CIELO TIERRA"

DV / PAL / 16:9
LENGTH: 60 min
LANGUAGE VERSION: english/spanish with english subtitles

  Supported by:

Land Salzburg: www.salzburg.gv.at

Source: www.topdocumentaryfilms.com

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