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(Little Grandmother) My beautiful Tribe of Many Colors, I wish to address you, the children of Mother Earth, the Great I Am, those who have chosen to be here at this time. As you know, we stand on the threshold of a great new beginning, a time to stand together in our strengths and our love, setting aside our petty differences and our old ways of ego and judgments to make the shift from mind into the heart.

We all are aware of the negativity and fear that surrounds the upcoming date of December 21, 2012, but let me remind you that it is us, those living here on the earth at this time, that create our now and our future. We are the great creators of our lives! Our thoughts, followed by our emotion, create our reality, so it is for all life that exists. This is the great law of life. Let us not give our thoughts, feelings and emotions to fear, for this is what we will create. Think for a moment how the world views 2012, how the world portrays the "end of the world" in the media. All over the world the people of planet earth are consciously and unconsciously feeding fear of the unknown and this date in an unprecedented way. Never before has the entire world’s population been so fixed on a single date surrounded by fear, chaos and destruction. Because thought followed by emotion creates our reality, ask yourself what kind of awful monster are we creating?

It is my heart’s wish that we can all step into our knowing, the knowing that is there waiting for us to take hold of it and propel us into a brighter future. Let us realize how extraordinary and unique each of us are, and that each and every one of us chose to come here to live this life at this time. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but that we had the strength and the love to create a more magnificent way of living. Too often we set our attention on that which is negative, so many are worried about what is around the corner for us in the next year. First, let me remind you that the "other side" views time and space much differently than we do here on Earth. Secondly, we have free will and choice and each day’s actions create a different tomorrow. Because of these two factors, I do not believe anyone’s predictions about specific dates. God, angel, saint or spirit alike cannot give us a specific date or time for any event. This being said, let us fill our hearts with bliss and excitement knowing that it is US, we are the ones that determine our tomorrow and what that will look like!

This last year has been difficult for many of us. The amount of energy coming to our planet now exceeds anything we have ever experienced before. Energy and life itself has been sped up! Many of us are experiencing significant changes in our personal, professional, spiritual and public lives. This is because, as Grandfather Eesawu taught, in the days of great change we will each go through being put into the great sieve and shaken up, letting everything that does not support your highest self and greatest good fall away. Not one of us can escape this. We each are struggling as our lives are changing. Do not give into the sorrow of this, but instead be reminded that as we see lovers, partners, friends and family move on or leave, as our jobs are changing and our living situations are being shifted, we are letting go of things that have held us back or kept us from shining our brightest. We must be our brightest selves to stand in the highest love and light, to venture upon this new life offered us. Let us not focus on the negative things happening today, but seek out those beautiful and exciting things that are taking place. Sadly, our media does not feed the public exciting, reassuring, positive and uplifting information and inspiration, rather the mainstream media keeps us in fear and uncertainty. In fact, many beautiful things have taken place in the last several months. I have been blessed to take part in or witness many of these miraculous things.

In the last year, I was able to meet with the beautiful Aboriginal people of Australia who took me to the "nameless place". After walking a great distance in the woodlands, we came to a large mound of huge stones stacked one on top of another. Following "Auntie Lila", we soon came to a cavern where, stretched out in-front of us on all sides of a huge stone, were ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs! There were hundreds, if not thousands, of these hieroglyphs, telling the story of two sons of the pharaoh and their ocean fairing crew, who went to Australia to talk to their brothers and sisters of the Great Mother. They speak about the star beings that brought knowledge and life. I also saw a chamber that contained an untouched tomb where the Egyptian pharaoh’s son was buried after dying from a fatal bite by a poisonous snake. This wonderful time spent with the Aboriginal elders was full of amazing information, teachings and prayers, but was also just the beginning for all that I would learn in the coming months about our ancestors.

It is a mainstream belief that we human beings have been evolving for centuries from mindless, barbaric cavemen, but as we uncover more and more about who our real ancestors are and all that they knew, we can begin coloring a completely different picture. In learning more about our ancient ancestors, we start to understand that history is not the evolution of technology, but rather the evolution of thought by the masses, which brings us back to, "thought with great emotion and belief creates your reality".

It is so thrilling we have the chance to live during these amazing and transformative times, where we are unearthing some of the most history-changing evidence about who we really are and where we came from. Just as I stood in awe looking at ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in Australia, that some believe to be carbon dated before humans were capable of crossing the ocean in ships, I again found myself spellbound time and time again while teaching in Egypt recently. My wife Joyce and I, along with a group of 30, were blessed to experience two weeks within the many different temples and pyramids, from Cairo to Luxor through the Nubian Desert, and down the Nile River. Everywhere we went, we were left with a sense of great awe. From the hieroglyphs depicting armored tanks, helicopters and airplanes, to walls covered in carvings of fully-functioning light bulbs, the flower of life, surgeries performed with crystals, human bodies with animal heads, and the full depiction of how the process was done. We saw huge pyramids that once were capped with gold and used as conductors of great amounts of energy to the great pharaoh Akhenaten and his family, who were depicted with elongated skulls, low hips and bellies, very long arms and almond shaped eyes. If you are interested, there are many photos posted on my website from our visit to Egypt.

There was so much to learn there, and at the same time, so frustrating that the archeologists could not or would not share with us the answers to so many of our questions. One could experience a life time there, and not be able to truly fathom the knowledge that our ancient ancestors possessed. I think everyone from the Egypt conference would agree that we would have loved to have stayed longer. We became like a little family!

This last year has produced some of the greatest discoveries ever made in human history, One of those discoveries, with the aid of Google Earth, has been that over 17 new temples and 1000 new tombs have been discovered in Egypt, just waiting to be uncovered and their secrets unearthed. In fact, new temples are being discovered all over the world, including nine in Bosnia, Illinois, Greece, Italy, Sicily, Spain, over 300 in China, Russia and Utah. Temples and ancient civilizations are being found as well, a couple of the most exciting is the Pre-Incan Temple found at the bottom of Lake Titicaca between Bolivia and Peru, and the underwater temples in the eastern China Sea dating back 5000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids. An ancient civilization was also found in South Africa, dating somewhere around 200,000 BC, containing many gold mines and very accurate calendars, using stone circles and maps of the stars.

The Smithsonian has also published the findings of several gigantic skeletons from the areas of West Virginia, Toledo, Ohio and Louisiana as well as Rancho, California, ranging from 7 to 12 feet in height. These giant human remains have also been found in Sweden and Mexico, along with many locations in North America. We do not know why this information is finally being released to the public, but it is exciting to know that, as promised by our indigenous elders, at the time of the great change, humanity would come to know vast amounts of knowledge about who they are and where they come from, and the mysteries of human kind and their mother earth would be given back to her children. It is exciting to learn of these real and scientifically documented findings, and to know that these are not just someone’s idea of a good trick, but are real bones and teeth belonging to ancient humans. In some cases, like in New South Wales and Bathurst, Australia, axes, chisels, and other tools weighing up to 25 pounds each and petrified human molars estimate the humans to have been 10 to 12 feet tall. In Ireland, an entire mummified man who would have stood over 12 feet tall was discovered in the county of Antrim.

The location of the great library of Alexandria has also been discovered, as well as an accurate 4th century map, devoid of ice and inhabited Antarctica, on animal hides once belonging to the library of Constantinople and now housed in the Ottaman library.

So much is yet to be understood about our past, our ancestors and who they really were. We human beings were capable of doing things we once thought impossible and yet the evidence is being uncovered a little at a time. Our indigenous elders have taught for centuries that the mysteries and knowledge would be given to those who inhabit the earth at the time of the great shift, and the knowledge would be given to those who would remember who they were and stand in their hearts again, bringing forward a new age of knowing, of great wisdom and love. We are those people. We are the Ones we have been waiting for, and we are the Ones who can change the world we live in. Not because we found a few giant’s bones and not because we found Egyptian hieroglyphs in different parts of the world, but because we are the ones who will change history by once again knowing the keys to life just as our ancestors once did. We will remember that our thoughts, along with our emotions, create our reality. We do not have to live our lives like a bunch of sheep following the herdsman. We can believe in ourselves again, knowing that we are gods and goddesses, the Great I Am, demanding more out of life than just going with the flow. It is time for us, as humans, to come together and stop separating ourselves because of our differences, and to instead unite as one--Humanity, along with Mother Earth as our shared mother. We know that love is the highest vibration on the planet, and that love and light are the source, the source of God and Goddess, the source of all life and creation and that love and light exists within each and every one of us. A new day is dawning on Planet Earth. Time and motion are speeding up, and it is time for human beings to take a giant leap into a new way of being, a new way of living, the way of the heart. Love is the answer, for the more loving we are the more enlightened we become. It is time for us to understand who we are, where we come from, who our ancestors really were and what they were capable of. There truly is no time to waste by being scared or full of fear about the future, but to understand that we create our future.

We once knew the keys to love and life. Humans knew how to live in harmony with the Great Mother, our indigenous cultures teach us that many civilizations went inside the earth to live. This year, an indigenous tribe was found living within great cave systems in the rain forests of South America, where they use crystals for light, for growing their crops and to heal the sick. There is evidence in many of these newly discovered civilizations that crystals are used in one way or the other in ever single one of them. Crystal can be found in every ancient pyramid and temple. How is it now that we know so very little about these amazing stones? We are finding that ancient peoples traveled the world all the time. Just a few months ago, one of the Egyptian mummies was found to have South American cocoa leaves in his intestines, a single cave in Illinois was found to hold a library of stone and gold tablets from the first millennium, figurines and drawings of Sobek- Ra, identical to the god in the temples along the Nile River. It also housed Sumerian artifacts, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Meso American, Hebrew and even Ecuadorian artifacts. With increasing frequency, these discoveries are being made, proving that humans once had a richer knowledge than we thought possible.
We are indeed living in an amazing time on the planet. This is truly a time to celebrate! We are living in the middle of a pole shift, and in a time when it is said Mother Earth will be reborn, renewed, and that human kind will have the chance to make a leap forward in our consciousness and oneness. But this is up to us. We are the ones who have to stop living in the old ways of mind and ego, fear and unwillingness and start to live from the hearts. Simply put, the more loving you are the more intelligent you become. As human beings start to shift into the consciousness of love, more and more incredible knowledge will be given to us, and we can move into enlightenment and unity on our planet.

The poles are shifting, my dear brothers and sisters. Mother is going through a great change and the energies are very high and will continue to heighten. It is sometimes difficult to stay grounded and positive when we see so much change around us and in our personal lives, but this is exactly what we must do. Focus on the good and the exciting things about life, and not on the fearful things. Being in the heart and loving is what will not only make life easier on a day to day basis, but it’s what will change the consciousness for us all. If we are to be reborn along with our planet, we must live from the heart. The only way to do this is Be Love. Do not give into the unknown and the fear that surrounds it, but instead be excited about this amazing time, this time in which we have the chance to change the future, to create a better world to live in, a time when hidden knowledge will be given to the children of earth and we can walk forward together hand in hand as a family of all shapes and sizes, all colors and backgrounds, into enlightenment.

I will continue to do all that I can to bring the Tribe of Many Colors together, sharing with all those who will listen, to remember. Remember who you are, how great you are and that you have the answers inside of yourself. Remember that you create your reality, that we are all perfect as we are, brothers and sisters of all colors and walks of life, that we must come together in love to create a more beautiful tomorrow.

I will be in Sedona, Arizona on the 3rd and 4th of this month then it’s off to

Annecy, France for a talk and workshop on February 8, 2012. I have been so incredibly busy but I’m not complaining! When I am busy, it means that there are many who want to hear how love can change the world and that is always a great thing! And finally the book is finished!! Wow! I had no idea how much work it would take to write and publish a book, but now, with a great exhale and a smile, I can say that it’s ready. You can find it either on or on my website,

I love you all and I am so grateful to be living on this planet along with you.


Kiesha - Little Grandmother


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