The tree and the goat | A shamanic story from the 21st century

A goat and a tree

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(Earth Matters | Kareem Raïhani) Mother Earth had a dream about rhythm. Full of inspiration, she decided to make her dream come true. As always she had to be patient, her dream would take centuries to manifest.

First there was this tree. He had a most exciting life, full of emotions, experiences and wisdom; being fed by his Mother and the water from the sky; enjoying the power of the wind knowing he was strong enough to hold; hearing all the stories around the planet from the birds passing by. Being sad and filled with tears the day his dear leaves would die. Being full of light, happiness and filled with unconditional love the day his dear leaves were born. Year after year, for almost 400 years. When he died, knowing all about Mother Earth’s dream, the tree gave her his final and most powerful offering: his trunk.

Then this goat was born, who while she lived had a most peaceful and happy life; being loved and fed by her keeper; providing him fresh milk everyday; giving birth and having her family around her. When the goat died, knowing all about the dream, she gave Mother Earth her final and most powerful offering: her skin.

In deep gratitude to the tree and the goat, Earth was also very excited! She invited the tree and the goat spirits to sit next to her and experience the magical synchronisation of their creation. 

A few days later a beautiful Spirit connected in meditation with the Mother. She knew immediately, this was the one. Earth told him all about her dream, about rhythm, emotion, dance, joy, ritual, meditation and healing.

As a young man the Spirit had fed and loved the goat that was born on the same day he was. This spirit walked into the woods, found the trunk, came back and tied the skin to it. 

Mother Earth’s instrument was finally born. The tree and the goat were delighted! They were filled with joy watching this creation and so proud to be part of all this: creating the father of all music instruments, the drum.

Connecting to the Mother, the tree and the goat, this young man started drumming… and drumming… and drumming. Mother Earth's creation was resonating through our spirits, waves of rhythms were master of our bodies. We were dancing… and dancing… and dancing… and laughing and crying, shaking, singing, swirling, and celebrating! We couldn't stop. We didn’t care anymore. We had fallen into trance. We became ecstatic.

And then, after hours of drumming, Mother Earth gave a sign to the young man. At exactly the right moment, in total harmony with his surroundings, suddenly the drummer stopped drumming. This was the moment. Mother Earth had a final surprise in store, which she didn’t tell any of the spirits. This was the Grand Finale of her creation, le moment suprême...

When the drumming stopped, we stopped. We became quiet. We had fallen into meditation. Waves of loving energy flushed down all our worries, tensions and thoughts. Each of our spirits became bigger and stronger then ever. Our bodies were full of life and energized like never before. And yet all connected: the dancers, the drummer, Mother Earth, the tree, the goat. We became one. We all understood our individual part of our collective creation.

From now on we couldn’t hurt our Mother anymore.
From now on we couldn’t hurt each other anymore.
We were healed.

Astonished by this occurrence, the tree and the goat knelt down with tremendous pride before their Mother. Acknowledging her patience, her trust and her unconditional love for all her inhabitants.

In total bliss Mother Earth gave Father Universe a wink, took a deep sleep and had a new dream…

Geplaatst door Kareem Raïhani

Kareem Raïhani

Als danser is Kareem afgestudeerd aan de theaterschool in Amsterdam ('92) en heeft daarna 5 jaar in toonaangevende gezelschappen gedanst. Muziek en dans gingen voor hem altijd samen, maar toen dat niet meer te combineren viel, koos hij voor muziek...

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