Unmani and Arjan Bos on practical non dualism and spiritual activism


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(ONE heart | by Arjan Bos) Unmani visited Groningen on the 23rd of may, 2012 where she held intimate dialogues. Her rare depth, firmly rooted in the non dual, is a delight on these subjects. 

Be with us for a moment and become very real with lifes spiritual challenges.

With many thanks Ruud Stoop from  www.flamencogitaar.nl for the recordings

Are you willing to lose everything you have ever believed in, for what is true and real? 

Have you been longing for freedom and love? We usually assume that 'waking up' is about having a permanently nice experience. The reality is that life includes every experience without exception. 

If you are exhausted from chasing pleasant experiences and running from painful ones, and there is a willingness to stop and see what is real, then this is for you.

Dying to everything you think you know, leaves the wide open freedom, which to the thinking can seem frightening. This freedom has always been right here, but is so often overlooked. In meeting with Unmani there is no more avoiding the reality of your true nature. Realizing more and more that your whole life is based on an assumption of who you think you are, there is a total freefall into not knowing. 

Intimate Dialogues

In intimate one-to-one dialogues, together we explore what is real for you right now.

"In the meetings I am not interested in playing with non-dual words and concepts, but in undermining, and getting to the root of all these beliefs - the belief in 'me'. The intimate dialogues are an energetic dance that uncovers the nakedness that we all are beyond words.  It is a dance of falling in love with myself."

When you come up to the front, although you may have a specific question, there is no expectation or pressure to know what you want to ask or say. You never know what may happen... 

Website Unmani: www.not-knowing.com

Geplaatst door Arjan Bos

Arjan Bos

Mijn naam is Arjan Bos, ik ben vrijlieft, vader van drie kinderen en woon in Delft.

Een veelkleurig pallet aan ervaringen in allerlei reizen, banen en levensvisies vormden de basis voor het opzetten van Stichting Earth Matters...

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