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(Eric Huysmans) Since ages children are spoiled in their first five to six years of life by mostly well-meant but ignorant and rather selfish parents and educators who show a lack of interest in them. They are raised in an atmosphere with a shortage of love, patience, ordered activity, understanding and spiritual recognition. This is a very serious and unfortunate situation which contributes majorly to all the pain, anger and fear in our world.


What is being done wrong in the first five to six years of our life hardly can be made right anymore. The damage is often irreparable. At best the mistreated child uses the unavoidable crises he meets later in life (often in mid-life between 35-45) to transform the implanted faults with all kind of therapies, and hopefully finds back his radiant self, more or less. But at worst the child is irreparably damaged and will bring as an adult, now ignorant and selfish himself, much of the same irreparable damage and suffering to his own off spring, or to his fellow men.

What are the reasons for this highly unfortunate situation? And what can help us to seek a way out of it? This essay endeavors to formulate some answers to these questions. Answers which for one part are quite common sense and already known to most educators but hardly applied, and which for another part stem from less known esoteric sources. For this the book “Education in the New Age” (ENA) from Alice Bailey is used as the central framework, supplemented with some deeper esoteric knowledge from one of her other books, “Esoteric Psychology II” (EP II).

After a description of the wrongdoings of the educational systems, which give some answers to the first question above, I will proceed with a modest beginning of answering the second question about what can be done. This second portion consists of two parts: a quite obvious, and more exoteric, part about creating a more fruitful atmosphere for children, and an esoteric part about the mental development of humanity. In this esoteric part I will focus on the science of Esoteric Psychology. This science contains a lot of knowledge, now lacked by educators, with which the children of our world would be much better equipped for their journey in life. After this the paper will be completed by a short overview of three other sciences for future education.


The majority of children come into their incarnation as expansive, outgoing and well-meaning newborn individuals. Unfortunately this is stamped out in their first five-six years by their parents who, mostly well-meant but ignorantly, try to raise them as obedient citizens. Often a nuisance to their parents they are left on their own or to the care of some also ignorant caretaker. Djwhal Khul (DK) states, direct as ever, in Alice Bailey’s book “Education in the New Age” (ENA, p. 74) about the average young child:

“He is left to his own resources or those of some ignorant nursemaid, at a stage when a destructive little animal should be developed into a constructive little citizen. He is sometimes petted and often scolded. He is dragged hither and thither, according to his parents’ whims and interest, and he is sent to school with a sense of relief of their part, in order to get him occupied and out of the way.”

At school the misery is going on with poor education and input from, again often well meaning but ignorant, teachers who indoctrinate the young child with false information and superficial knowledge, and who mold him to behave as expected by society. DK proceeds on the same page in ENA as follows:

“At school, he is frequently under the care of some young, ignorant though well-meaning person whose task it is to teach him the rudiments of civilization – a certain superficial attitude and form of manners which should govern his relations to the world of men, an ability to read and write and figure, and a smattering (rudimentary indeed) of history and geography and good form in speech and writing.”

The result of this wrong start of children in their first five-six years at home, further enlarged in their school years, is the creation of usually defensive, superficial and intrinsic angry creatures who have hidden themselves behind thick shells for the protection of their vulnerable souls. DK states on page 75 of ENA:

“(….) it is obvious that the majority of children get off to a wrong start and begin life basically handicapped. The damage done to children in the plastic and pliable years is often irremediable and is responsible for much of the pain and suffering in later life.”

I myself am one of the many examples of this mishap, born in 1959, seven years after the publishing of these profound words of Djwhal Khul, written down by Alice Bailey. Reading these pages I understood even better the reasons for the problems I met later in life, which were always there under the surface and which escalated in a burnout in my mid-life. I was raised in a safe material environment and certainly received a lot of good things from my parents in making me an obedient citizen. But I wasn’t spiritually recognized due to lack of knowledge and I received the amount of love, understanding and patience my parents were raised themselves with. However, in my memory, the most damage was done by the teachers in my early school years. From them I met a lot of misunderstanding, impatience and certainly no spiritual recognition at all. I felt very much left on my own and became very reluctant in asking questions while I learned that these were treated with irritation and criticism. This seeded a fair amount of irritation in me. I decided to shut up and a pretty strong distrust in authority grew in me. Also the impatience I was treated with created a lot of impatience in me. I received no spiritual knowledge, and ignorant as I was myself, I treated my own children more or less the same as I was treated, thereby taking at least part of the damage to the next generation. Hopefully the wake-up call with the burnout around my 40th was in time to repair some of this damage later on.

A positive outcome of this situation was that my personal and spiritual crisis forced me to search deep in myself. This brought me in contact with all kind of great methods and philosophies around spiritual development and esoteric knowledge, which appeared to be very fruitful in the healing of a lot of my hidden emotions and mental convictions. But the seeds of the first years are very hard to erase and according to DK almost impossible to heal completely in this life. So it would be a lot better if humanity learns to raise its young children in a better and more fruitful way right from the start.

In the next part of this paper I give some modest input for this by summarizing some possible solutions DK gives in ENA.


Creating a more fruitful atmosphere

First, and most important, parents and educators should do everything to create an atmosphere for children in which they feel safe and meet an environment in where they can flourish and get the best out of themselves. This seems a quite obvious fact and should be fairly well known knowledge, now in the second decade of the 21st Century. The consequent application however is another thing for reasons described above, but the theory should be nothing special anymore. This is apparently an improvement compared with the time Alice Bailey wrote her books, while DK thought it necessary to mention in ENA four elements of such an atmosphere. This may give some hope for the progress in evolution. Being as it may, also for modern up bringers like us, this summation will be useful as a remembrance of knowledge not adequately applied. On page 76 of ENA the next four elements are mentioned:

1. An atmosphere of love, as the fundamental opposite of an atmosphere of fear many children are raised in. Love encompasses all the other positive emotions one can think of, such as: safeness, trust, freedom, harmony, peace and so on. The child can feel safe and cared for in a loving environment, which invites and stimulates him to express himself freely and to bring out the best in him. Bailey writes:

“This atmosphere of love is not an emotional, sentimental form of love but is based upon a realisation of the potentialities of the child as an individual, on a sense of true responsibility, freedom from prejudice, racial antagonisms, and above everything else, upon compassionate tenderness.” (ENA, p. 76)

2. An atmosphere of patience, as the opposite of the impatience children meet in their daily environment, as well as at home as in their school. This creates an anxious environment in which they feel hurried or speeded up with all the negative consequences one can think of. Such as a constant sense of hurried pressure later in life, or the incapacity to relax and have a quiet and still mind. Further on an inner sense is installed that asking questions, or raising critical remarks about things they don’t understand is a nuisance to others. That either shuts them up for life, or creates an irritated, rebellious nature. Bailey writes:

“Most children's natures are warped by the rush and hurry of those with whom they are perforce associated. There is no time to instruct them and to reply to their small and most necessary inquiries, and the time factor therefore becomes a menace to right development, and leads eventually to a life of evasions and of wrong perspectives. Their standard of values becomes distorted by watching those with whom they live, and much of it is brought to their attention by the impatience which is displayed towards them. This impatience on the part of those upon whom they are so pathetically dependent, sows in them the seeds of irritation, and more lives are ruined by irritation than can be counted.” (ENA, p. 76)

I ask special attention for the last part of this quote: “more lives are ruined by irritation than can be counted.” When you are in wonder, or worse, in judgment of your own irritation or irritation in others, keep in mind that this is caused by an environment of impatience. Meet this impatience, observe it, stay with it for a short while, and then discard of it. Just let it go and hold your focus on more fruitful matters. Ask guidance of your soul in this difficult process. Of course for this it is necessary that you have installed and preserve a certain contact with the soul by consequent and daily meditation.

3. An atmosphere of ordered activity, as the opposite of a chaotic environment and irresponsible behavior of their up bringers, in which they get the very wrong examples in taking no responsibility for once actions. Bailey writes:

“ (…) the shouldering of small duties and the sharing of responsibility (which is always concerned with some form of group relation) is a potent factor in determining a child's character and future vocation.” (ENA, p. 77) 

4. An atmosphere of understanding, as the opposite of misunderstanding the reasons for a certain behavior of the child and the following disapproving of it. This makes the child angry and frustrated and it hinders his development of self-consciousness in a great way. Bailey writes:

“Many of the things which the average child does are not in themselves naughty or wicked or intentionally bad. They are frequently prompted by a thwarted inquiring spirit, by the desire to retaliate for some injustice (based on the adult's lack of understanding his motivation), by an inability to employ time rightly (for the directional will is often, at this age, entirely quiescent and will not become active until the mind is beginning to function), and by the urge to attract attention—a necessary urge in the development of self-consciousness, but one which needs understanding and most careful guidance.” (ENA, p. 77) 

For this crucial improvement of the atmosphere for the child no esoteric knowledge is needed, I would say. Maybe it gave new insights at the time Alice Bailey wrote her book (somewhere in the forties of the 20th Century), but now this is an absolutely normal, and in large parts of the world well accepted, philosophy for raising children.

So, ignorance is no excuse anymore. Then what is?

Because, this being said, it is all the more sad that this ‘normal’ philosophy is still not being practiced broadly in daily upbringing or in the educational systems of the world. This is most probably due to the fact that the seeds of wrong upbringing are planted deeply in the systems of the up bringers and educators themselves. It appears to be very hard to get rid of this, as I experience myself. For this a combination of emotional cleansing and a more mental approach is needed. The emotional cleansing I leave for another paper. In the following I focus on the mental approach.

Mental development of humanity

In ENA (p. 69-71) DK gives three steps to take in the mental development of humanity:

1. A better understanding of the Human Being in three ways:

a. The growth and development of the Science of Esoteric Psychology

b. The growth and development of the Science of the Seven Rays

c. The acceptance of the Teaching about the Constitution of Man.

2. The recognition of the facts of Esoteric Astrology.

3. The admittance of the Law of Rebirth as a governing and universal law.

These three steps will give up bringers and educators a much more complete understanding of reality and of the determining facts of the character and special traits of the children under their care. However contemporary science still seems far from accepting these areas as subjects for serious study. The modern Science of Psychology for example is mainly focused on exoteric facts like genetic and environmental causes for the characteristics and problems of human beings. In scientific institutes like universities no attention is given to the Science of Esoteric Psychology. Even worse is the situation around the other mentioned steps. Science isn’t taking the fields of (Esoteric) Astrology, the Seven Rays, energetic Constitution of Man and the Law of Rebirth serious at all. This seems strange, some 70 years after the books of Alice Bailey. Sure, DK stated in ENA (p. 98) that it would take two or three generations for the recognition of a new educational ideology. But taking into consideration that a generation lasts some 20-25 years, the time for this is now! Indeed a lot of experiments are taking place at this time for new educational systems, but they seem to stay very small in scale and don’t succeed as yet in getting serious attention from science, not to speak of a more general acceptance. The reasons for this ask for serious investigation but that falls outside of the topic of this paper.

I will focus now on the first of the mentioned steps of the mental development of humanity: the Esoteric Psychology. Hopefully this will give some hints to the reader that he can use beneficially in the upbringing of his children or in his educational activities.   


As stated above the contemporary science of psychology is mainly focused on exoteric facts like genetic and environmental causes for the problems of human beings. Esoteric Psychology however is focusing on the ENERGIES in the (physical, emotional and mental) bodies. Esoteric knowledge states that misaligned and fighting energies are one of the root causes of psychological problems. This adds a very interesting perspective to the Science of Psychology that could make a serious contribution in understanding human behavior, and therefore in a better education of our children, if it succeeded in attracting the attention of scientists.

The fighting energies in the human bodies described in Esoteric Psychology are divided in three categories. Those are the ones of cleavage, integration and stimulation (note 1).

1. Cleavages

These are energy divisions in human nature which fight with each other due to the human sense of duality, such as splits between: positive and negative, male and female, light and darkness, mental and emotional nature, man and his soul, “split personality”, et cetera. In this way a human being is torn between two opposites. It can rip him apart; it creates clashes between different parts of himself, between his different (energy) bodies. So, in short, energy is a divider here, a creator of duality. It divides or splits a man and his bodies and personalities.

The following sorts of cleavages can be seen:

a. Cleavage within the astral body

An example of this is a woman who lives as an emotional recluse because her fiancée, who was at first her everything, left her for another woman. Out of grief and humiliation she lost her trust in all men, who she considers now as all liars and cheats, and she prefers to stay alone above being cheated again. Her emotional recluse makes her withdrawing herself from her co-workers too and she feels being disliked by everyone. She wonders why people are continuously rejecting her.

To solve her problem she would have to be made understood that her self-absorption and victimship are the causes of her felt rejection, and that this is a delusional projection of her inner world. She would have to understand that SHE herself is the cause for this, not the people or situations outside her.

Her situation could have been prevented perhaps, or at least would have been less grave, when here parents or educators had given in her childhood more attention on the building of her self-esteem. This could have been done by giving her more love and understanding, by giving more attention to her feelings, and by teaching her how to take responsibility of her inner feelings and her outer behavior.

b. Cleavage between the mind and the emotional nature

An example of this is a woman who after two divorces is struggling to deal with all the emotional baggage that this entails. She drinks and eats a lot because this brings immediate comfort and she gained a lot in weight. She knows that she needs to pick herself up and make some structural changes, but she can’t seem to get it together. All her plans are crossed by some upset or another. This makes her fall back to her dysfunctional behavior over and over.

She didn’t learn in her childhood to recognize and deal with her emotional impulses in an appropriate way. She has to repair this now, which in later age is a lot tougher to do. Also she has to learn to override these impulses by training her mind to think positively and to choose wisely. This can be done by establishing a definite rhythm in her life and nature and by the use of the creative imagination and discriminating choice, e.g. through techniques like NLP, RET, Breathwork, The Work, Mindfulness and others.

c. Cleavage between a man and his soul

An example of this is a man who is torn between two worlds: the world of his personality in its daily practice of fighting for its survival in which he sometimes needs (or thinks he does) to beat or cheat his competitors; and the world of the soul in which he practices Raya Yoga, which slowly moves him away of the “little self” into the greater, more inclusive “Self”.

He didn’t learn as a child that in essence he is a soul. Instead he learned that his little self is the most important being of the world, that he is on his own, and that he has to fight others for his survival. Now, at later age, the best he can do is just go on with his Raja Yoga, or like wise methods, to further develop and enhance his awareness of his soul and of the laws which govern soul enfoldment. 

2. Integration

Problems of integration are the result of energy imbalance due to the inflow of energy man is not used to. This can take the following forms:

a. Egomania: a dominant ego, or narcissism

For example a man who thinks he is the most important person in the world and that everything and everyone has to be subdued to his wishes. Regrettably there were and still are some leaders in this world who are clear examples of this problem, with all the belonging consequences. They didn’t learn as a child that they are an integral part of a much greater whole, and that all their actions reflect back on themselves in the end. Would they have been patiently and lovingly made aware of this in early life, a lot of (world) problems could perhaps have been prevented, although, as the esoteric student knows, everything has its reason and its use in the large plan of evolution of consciousness.

b. Fanaticism

For example the man who is convinced to be right and who goes all the way to convince others of this. In doing this he becomes a distress to himself and to everyone around him. His educators didn’t teach him the differences in backgrounds, traditions and heredity of men, or about ray types and different points in evolution. As a child it would have been fruitful if at least he had learned something about the first three things. The latter two should have been educated in the second decade of this life.

c. Over-development of one of his bodies

For example the man who has bridged the gap between his emotional body and the mind, and who thinks his mind is his only source. He has discarded as far as he can of emotional reactions or psychic sensitivity and qualifies the soul as non-existing. He tries to solve everything with his thinking mind and shows himself as cold and insensitive in his intellectual solutions. Would he have been educated in the fact of the soul and learned in the first two decade of his life to lift his emotional level to the love in his heart, he would have been a more balanced human being and a more fruitful contributor to humanity.

3. Stimulation

Problems of stimulation occur when the nature of man is over-stimulated by an intense inflow of energy. In this case the energy or the soul affects the force or the form too much and brings it out of balance. Effects can be: a too intense mental activity; a too intense mind, stirring up desire nature; an over-activity of the mind; illusion/glamour/maya due to illumination and meditation; and problems of guidance, dreams and depression.

To prevent a too lengthy paper I only give an example of a too intense mental activity. This is the case when a man spends too much time and effort in intellectual activities, for example by spending long hours in painstaking research and the production of complex scientific material. When he forgets to relax, to have some fun, to enjoy the lightness of being now and then, and especially to keep his sense of humor he will become too serious and narrow-minded. When this is combined with a too forceful presentation of his opinions this can make him a nuisance and even dangerous when these opinions are not for the best of the whole. It would have helped when in his early youth he had learned to play, to enjoy, to take himself not too serious and to cope with different opinions.

Progressing Evolution

The reader will recognize that these three categories of energy problems, detected in Esoteric Psychology, are not well known and are not accepted by science as useful contributions in understanding the human psyche. This could be seen as pity, but it will be only a matter of time. Evolution is progressing slowly but inevitably and scientists will eventually start to take in esoteric knowledge as a field for further investigation and experimentation. Then viable outcomes will be produced and made available for implementation in the educational systems in the future.


For this future education DK mentioned three other sciences, some 70 years ago. When we may believe the correctness of his statement that it would take two to three generations for the recognition of a new educational ideology (ENA, p. 98), this recognition will have to start about now.

He states in ENA (p. 95-97) that three major sciences will eventually dominate the field of education in the new Aquarian Age (note 2). He adds on this that they will not negate the activities of modern science but will integrate them into a wider subjective whole (p.95). This is an important addition while many new age thinkers tend to rebel against modern science and often scold their methods. I have to admit I was one of them, but this emotional cleavage seems to be in retreat now due to studying the books of Alice Bailey and meditating daily in the way DK proposes (note 3).

The sciences DK mentions are:

1. The Science of the Antahkarana

This is the science that uses mental substance to build a bridge between the personality and the soul, and then between the soul and the spiritual triad (note 4). These symbolic bridges will facilitate the flow of consciousness in such a way that man reaches full awareness. This will finally end the fear of death and the sense of seperateness. In other words, this will bring man the full awareness of Oneness with his fellow men and with all other forms in the universe. This will end all strife and conflict because man will finally understand that harm to his fellow men means harm to himself.

2.  The Science of Meditation

This science is preparatory to the Science of the Antahkarana. The building of the bridge is facilitated by meditation. In fact it is one of the major bridge building techniques that will eventually dominate the educational systems of the future. DK says on page 96 of ENA that meditation is primarily intended to:

a. Produce sensitivity to the higher impressions.
b. Build the first half of the antahkarana, that between the personality and the soul.
c. Produce an eventual continuity of consciousness. Meditation is essentially the science of light, because it works in the substance of light.

3. The Science of Service

This science naturally comes forth from the two other ones. When the personality is linked with the soul, and the soul consciousness flows down into the brain consciousness, the soul takes things over from the personality. This opens the man for group purposes as this is the natural habitat of the soul. This produces a corresponding attitude – not so much an activity! – for the personality, which is called service.

DK states on page 98 of ENA that as these three fundamental sciences will guide the educators of the future, this will lead to a fundamental change in the attitude of parents and educators to children. He also stated some 70 years ago, I repeat this again, that this possibility would lie ahead for the next two or three generations, which is NOW.


The big question for me is: are we on schedule with the statement of DK that the time for a much more fruitful education would have to start at this present time? I am not sure, but there certainly are signals that it could very well be.

The necessity of creating a better atmosphere for children seems to be broadly acknowledged, at least in the West, although the application of it by adults still meets a lot of difficulties. Also a lot of new experiments are going on and there is much more attention for emotional education for children, and for teaching them meditation techniques like mindfulness than in my own youth. Besides this there are a strong growing number of coaches, healers and therapists who acknowledge, and work with energies as determining factors in the psyche of human beings.

On the other hand the field of energies falls for most part outside the attention of the modern Science of Psychology. Here still exists quite a lot of resistance and skepticism in accepting energies in human bodies as a field for research. Also are techniques like the building of the antahkarana still not familiar by most educators. But one of the essential results of this building, the consciousness of Oneness, gets a fast growing attention from a lot of spiritual searchers. And things are changing quickly in these turbulent times, in where everything and everyone in the world is becoming more and more connected and interdependent by modern techniques like Internet. Evolution may be a slow and long process, but its progression is taking pace and is proceeding persistently and inevitably.

Eric Huysmans,


1. This part is based on the ‘Problems of Psychology Workbook’ of Leoni Hodgson – derived from Esoteric Psychology II (p. 401-520) – and on the questions from the Quest Universal of the Morya Federation, parts 150.11-12.

2. According to DK the Aquarian Age will fully start in the year 2117. In this year the contemporary Piscean Age will be completely ended. Between these ages an overlap occurs of 500 years in which the old age is slowly loosing its energy and the new age slowly comes in. This overlap started in the year 1617.

3. For example in his books “Discipleship in the New Age” (DINA), part I and part II.

4. The spiritual triad consists of the higher mind of the mental plane, the intuition of the buddhic plane and the spiritual will of the atmic plane. See Chart IV of the Constitution of Man in ‘Initiation, Human and Solar’ from Alice Bailey.

5. This New Group of World Servers is basically a subjective group, which means that it works mostly on the inner planes (not visible for the five senses). It is mentioned in a lot of the books of Alice Bailey, for example in ENA (p. 44 and 67).


Alice Bailey, Education in the New Age (ENA)

Alice Bailey, Esoteric Psychology II (EP II)

Alice Bailey, Initiation, Human and Solar (IHS)

Leoni Hodgson, Problems of Psychology Workbook

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