Trafficking not that far away | You might want to hear Jennifer Sky

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(Real Women Real Stories) You might want to hear Jennifer Sky. Working as a teenage model gave her PTSD. No child should be exploited for the sake of selling a dress or building a brand.

Jennifer Sky is a Brooklyn-based investigative journalist covering child labor, human trafficking and corruption in the fashion industry. Previously she was a successful teen model and actress in television and film. Jennifer uses her past in entertainment as a tool to report on crime.

Her ebook, “Queen of the Tokyo Ballroom,” published by The Atavist, is about the summer she spent in Japan at age 15 as a fashion model.

Her writing has been featured in a number of print and on-line publications, including The New York TimesNew York magazine, The New RepublicNew York ObserverThe Daily BeastTin House, and was interviewed for CNN’s “This is Life” with Lisa Ling.  She has been a Contributor for Interview magazine and a Contributing Editor for One Teen Story. She is currently working as a freelance researcher and reporter for the Brian Ross Unit of ABC News.

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