Truly Woman Series with Peruquois Part 7: On Shopping


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(Peruquois) Question; I buy things I don't need I get home and regret it, how can I break this pattern? or

Peruquois answers women's intimate questions from around the world normally only shared within her women's retreat. She answers one question in each series.Visit to listen or buy her music, for Voice of the Sacred Feminine Workshops and Concert schedules.

Filmed by Yoginini
First song clip- A-SHAMA- from The Sacred Opening Cd
Last song clip- "SHE" from Love's Deepest Calling Cd


Woman's guide to a wholesome period.

My new CD is a practice for women, I have introduced this cd at my Amsterdam workshop 28-29 May 2016.

It exists only as a physical CD at the moment — my new creation — Woman's Guide to Wholesome Period.

It is a landmark CD for me as it mixes my singing with my women's work. It is mostly a practice CD for women with title song — sort of a women's anthem Proud to be a Woman! Amazing empowering composition I recorded in Los Angeles with incredible Heather Holley. Proud to be a Woman opens the CD not by chance. One of the theme of the song is a woman's bleed time, her time for purification and beginning of a new cycle of creation.

The song is being followed by multiple practices, meditations and discourses related to a major feminine time and life defining cycles. It is a result of my own journey as a woman and my deepest enquiry into this beautiful and empowering time that somehow became accosiated with discomfort and shame. It is time to bring it back to its true origin — the time when a woman recreates herself and starts a new lifegiving cycle either to children or her creations.

I'll speak about this CD more when it is available online. At the moment you can get a copy at my workshop in Amsterdam 28-29 May.

Love, Peruquois

1. Welcome

2. Proud to be a Woman

3. Secrets to a nourishing mind

4. Trusting your voice and breath

5. Period time daily meditation

6. Introducing the new cycle post bleed

7., practice to invoke creative power of your new cycle

Buy the CD in the Netherlands: Judiths favorites

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