Bree Olson: her untold story


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(Real Women Real Stories) Many believe the widespread fairy tale that women enjoy making porn movies but in reality there are no happy endings for the women of porn.
A closer look at Bree Olson's untold, captivating story will show you several reasons why.

Today, female porn stars who get work elsewhere can be fired if their past comes out -- and there's no legal recourse. Female porn stars are human beings. They should be respected, not discriminated against. It's a shame that female porn stars are disgraced for something they do, whether society accepts their profession or not.

Yes, right, we all probably know that pornography does not seem like a place where one could enrich their sense of self-worth or self-respect, but, self-respect is defined as how one regards one's self – no one else can determine this for Bree Olson. We all have different experiences when it comes to discovering our self-worth. Even if it is unconventional, there is no wrong way to cultivate your own sense of self. No one can determine your self-worth, but you. 

People outside porn usually have a different perspective about sex workers and people justify their judgement and perspective especially when sex workers like Bree Olson regret what they did after retiring from porn. However, no one is allowed to discriminate a human being, to cyberbully them, to curse them, to humiliate them or to segregate them but themselves. Bree Olson chose to speak up because she is a human being, she is a woman, and she is simply tired of being shunned by society.

So, why do female porn stars like Bree Olson lose respect in society and have to suffer?
Why we glorify power and violence, and demolish porn and sex?

This double standard grates us -- go out and kill people for a living and you're seen as a hero soldier, have sex in front of a camera, you're seen as a b**** or with no self-worth, or someone who deserves to be hated and humiliated. Why? Who are we to decide who is worth what?

We know it might seem like an odd comparison, but soldiers are seen as heroes in most countries, even if they fought in unethical wars or committed atrocities, but female porn stars are looked down upon as the dregs of society, and if you think about it, only one of the two groups have done morally abhorrent things, and it's generally not the female porn stars.

We have to love and respect each other. And Bree Olson deserves to be treated like any of us.

Source: Real Women Real Stories 

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