Nikki DuBose reveals her story

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(Real Woman Real Stories) Meet Nikki DuBose - author of upcoming memoir, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light - who refused to remain silent. It’s heartening to see that Nikki is speaking out now about her experience in the fashion industry. What she is doing is risky and painful and hard. She waited many years to do it. No one should blame her for not doing it sooner. But everyone should encourage and strengthen her for being a warrior and fearless.

Women all over the world are still blamed for the ‎violence committed against them. Think about that. They are blamed if they speak out, and if they don't.

Much of Real Women Real Stories conversation and films are a serious turning point. This is the emergency of today, and we cannot remain silent. This is our chance for a change. Women who had been assaulted but had not reported their attacks should come forward.

Trigger warning: if you are affected by this film please visit or where you can find support.


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