Get on the same page (Relationship Advice) - Teal Swan

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(Teal Swan) In this episode, Teal explains that the key to a good relationship is very, very simple. You both have to be on the same page. When you are not aligned, a relationship feels bad. When you are aligned, a relationship feels good.

The Ask Teal video series takes questions deep and inherent within our human experience and answers them eloquently and concisely. Topics range from How to find Self Love and the Akashic Records to medical questions like Autism and Obesity. Teal is a Spiritual Teacher who can see energy patterns within the body and thus how these patterns react to drugs, food, emotions and even diseases within body. Trust me, I've lived with her for ten years and I cant get anything past her. "Why did you say yes?, your energy didn't say that" ..she has said to me multiple times.
These are a free source of content to get word out about Teal's message to the world, of healing, self improvement and how every individual impacts their own world and the greater world around us. Enjoy!!

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