Manifesto One Planet One People | Result of big peace gathering earth keepers from the whole world


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(One Planet One People) 144 Earth Keepers of four generations, from various cultures and different countries from all over the world came together. They shared old wisdom and new visions in circles for 4 days to balance our society. Together they created a Manifesto to make a better world of our planet, because there is only One Planet.

This Manifesto is a guidance for everyone, young and old, everywhere in the world. The Manifesto is easy to use in our daily lives.
Everyone can contribute in this way to a society where we can live in harmony and connection as one tribe, One People. 










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MANIFESTO One Planet One People

We are One People
Connected with each other and our Beautiful Planet Earth. In connection we act individually and together to restore the balance in ourselves, our society and with Mother Earth. It is our task to create new balance and oneness in the feminine and the masculine, embrace dualism and fnd Unity in

Peace is the foundation of life. It is like cloth with threads, textures and colours, woven into good living. 
• Inner peace is the beginning of world peace
• Peace starts within and in our own homes
• I share my smile with everyone
• I listen to myself and others to understand
• I do not judge 

Spirituality gives strength to have a clear conscience, to act and contribute to keep order and balance.
• Love is heart to heart connection 
• We recognise and see love and pain in other ones eyes
• I help my neighbour
• I trust, share what I can and receive what I need 

Humanity requires exercise in everyday life, through life, through main values such as respect for oneself, others and the overall environment. 
• We respect our individual freedom and the freedom of others
• My commitments to myself and others are sacred
• I forgive myself and others
• I accept and respect others the way they are

Mother Earth
Humanity is the Guardian of Nature and lives according to nature laws. Mother Earth does not belong to us. We belong to her. 
• As children of Mother Earth we take care of her and restore the balance
• Respect all living beings
• We all take care of the Environment
• I take responsibility for my environment wherever I am

Peace and harmony are in Nature. For peace to be sustained, humanity is required to exercise it in their everyday life.
• All human beings are important. Everyone has their own unique contribution to make
• We connect together also through non-verbal expression, such as art, dance, music and joy
• I listen with an open heart and an open mind 

New World
Harmony and peace through intergenerational dialogue, where wisdom and experience are shared, leads to a better world.
• Experience life to learn and grow and practice it every day
• I live from the heart instead of the head. My heart decides, instead of the system
• I make my decisions honouring our ancestors, future generations and the present moment
• I live in integrity and practice what I preach
• We all learn from the children and share our wisdom with them

Source:  One Planet One People

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