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(Alternative News Project | Twain Yobra) I recently wrote about foods that contain high pesticide residue. Well, the Environment Working Group (EWG) also listed fifteen foods with little to no pesticide residue. These foods have protective outer layers which prevents pesticides from being absorbed. So you don’t have to buy organic when it comes to these foods. 

You can just buy organic foods with high pesticide residue like apples, strawberries, peaches and so on. Here are fifteen foods with little to no pesticide residue.

1. Avocado
You can buy non-organic when it comes to this delicious healthy fat. Their skin prevents the pesticide from being absorbed. Eating avocado regularly will improve your heart health, fight inflammation and much more.

2. Asparagus
Take advantage of this vegetable when it’s in season. Tests found that most of the times asparagus don’t contain pesticide residue. It’ll give you lots of vitamin and minerals.

3. Pineapples
Did you know that a cup of pineapples will give you all the vitamin C you need in a day? Well, you don’t have to pay more for pineapples. Non-organic don’t contain pesticides because they’re protected by the thick skin.

4. Sweet corn
Corn is rich in fiber, iron, zinc, and lots of other minerals. And according to EWG it is safe to buy non-organic.

5. Cabbage
Research shows that cabbage can lower risk of colon cancer. And fortunately, most of them contain little to no pesticide residue.

6. Sweet peas (frozen)
Eating non-organic sweet peas won’t do you any harm. This delicious food is high in fiber and will definitely increase your satiety.

7. Onions
Onions are way safer to buy non-organic compared to peaches or apples. Tests found that they contained very low pesticide residue.

8. Mangos
These sweet fruits have a very thick skin which protects them from pesticides. Mangos have many health benefits like regulating blood sugar levels.

9. Papayas
Papayas were among the foods with the least pesticide residue. Papayas will give you fiber, folate, potassium and lots of other nutrients.

10. Kiwi
Most of the kiwis in the market haven’t been sprayed with pesticide at all. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants.

11. Eggplant
Eggplants don’t contain pesticides because of the type of pesticides sprayed on them doesn’t stick on the skin.

12. Grapefruit
Grapefruits have a thick skin which pesticides can’t penetrate. Research shows that grapefruits can boost immune system and improve flow of blood.

13. Honeydew Melon
This one is safe to buy non organic.

14. Cantaloupe
If you like cantaloupe, buying organic isn’t a must. This fruit is fully protected by its thick skin.

15. Cauliflower
Cauliflower is super healthy and chances are it won’t contain any pesticide at all.

Source: Alternative News Project 

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