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(Earth Matters | Kareem Raïhani) After having worked as a DJ for ten years, I lost the passion for house music around 2002. What happened? I still wanted to make people dance as I did myself in the late eighties and early nineties. But wherever I looked, the “feeling” was hard to find, the commercial side took over, the clubs took other measures and so did the new public. The “Summer of Love” that began in 1988 had definitely come to an end. I left house music (for a while).

I wanted to go deeper, musically and with myself and I wanted to meet people who shared that same passion. The combination of music and dance is so powerful. It can bring you to meditation, make you happy, touch you deeply, lift you up and give you a sense of euphoria, sometimes all at the same time. While dancing, becoming one with time and space, we become the manifestation of our Soul.

I began searching for new (dance) music and after having seen de music film “One Giant Leap”, one of my biggest inspirations, I decided to make that kind of new music myself. At that time I had saved up for my studio.

The power of traditional music, which in some cases served for thousands of years, mixed with new beats, new rhythms, new basses and new sounds. It had to be that. Merging boundlessly old traditions and cultures with a 21st century experience.

My new music collection began to take serious form. Now I only had to discover the places where I could share all this beauty.

What would be considered very exceptional ten years ago, is becoming the concept to be in the year 2014: the term "Conscious Clubbing", with its own scene and artists, various parties such as Shine (Amsterdam-Ibiza), Nataraj (NL), Ecstatic Dance (Worldwide) and festivals such as Open Up (NL), No Mind (SE) & Happinez Festival (NL). One thing all these parties/festivals have in common, namely: Become You, Be You, Dance like You!

Shine at Club Light - Foto door Eddie Boschma(Photo: Eddie Boschma) The moment Club Lite established itself in Amsterdam was clearly the beginning of a new era. Though this conscious dance scene has existed in the underground in mostly temporary venues for years, Club Lite gave the alternative thinking mind and heart following souls a home. World’s first evening/nightclub, that fully focuses itself on this warm and conscious scene. With "shoes cloakroom", out here we generally dance with bare feet! This is not just fun… whether you’re a lawyer or a dreadlock hippy, dancing barefoot brings us closer together, more to a level where we (kind of understand) we are all the same and have at least one thing in common: bare feet.

Meanwhile, with magazines like Happinez and Change and countless info on the net, this scene is expanding locally, nationally, European and worldwide. The visitors of these parties and festivals are usually between 21 and 71. Because they have so much love for music and dance, they automatically become beautiful dancers… no matter how they move. Many express themselves unlimitedly, there is fun and there is contact. I see a celebration I did not see when I worked as a DJ in the house/techno spots.

The great thing about these parties is that they start at an earlier time and there is relatively less alcohol consumption which makes the vibe open. You can get the usual drinks, but the bar also has delicious alternatives such as healthy smoothies, sometimes with natural stimuli (if you’re lucky…). A new way of clubbing: Conscious Clubbing.

Part 1 of One Giant Leap is not on the net. The second part “what about me” is equally impressive. Limitless mixed with all cultures, traditions and innovations.

Until next week, enjoy!

1 Giant Leap: What About Me? (2008)

Geplaatst door Kareem Raïhani

Kareem Raïhani

Als danser is Kareem afgestudeerd aan de theaterschool in Amsterdam ('92) en heeft daarna 5 jaar in toonaangevende gezelschappen gedanst. Muziek en dans gingen voor hem altijd samen, maar toen dat niet meer te combineren viel, koos hij voor muziek...

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