16-01-16 | Amsterdam | Sudha's SHiNiNG New Year's concert * Singing Into Silence & SHiNE with Kareem Raïhani


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(Heartfire) We will Kick-Off 2016 with a SHiNiNG New Years Concert with the beautiful, gifted and devotional chant artist SUDHA. She will bring Andy Blisset, known from the band Bliss and the album 100.000 Angels. A both talented and sensitive musician with a strong feel for meditative music. "

“Sudha’s voice, the innocent sound of pure love... will soothe your soul and caress your spirit”. Deva Premal and Miten

Last year she opened SHiNE with a small concert and that was the bomb.. A Love bomb! We feel honored that she's back and will enlighten us all with a big concert.
This is your chance to dive deep into the depths of your soul and connect with the healing vibration of devotional mantra's. Let's bless our intentions for 2016 with divine chanting and celebrate life and love together! 

We will flow smoothly from the concert into Kareem's first SHiNE of 2016. He is full on inspiration and is producing new songs and creations that he love to test on the dancefloor. Be ready for some swirling, grooving, adventurous and heartwarming beats. This will be A SHiNiNG night you will not forget, that's a promise!


  • Date: January 16th, 2016
  • Venue: Club Lite Amsterdam
  • Conscious Diner: 18:30 - 21:30 
  • Concert: 19:30 - 21:30 (Doors open 19:00) 
  • SHiNE: 21:30 - 2:00 

January 17th Sudha will give an intimate Divine Energy Circle in Tempel van Alledag on IJburg. (12:00 - 14:00), Tapping into the Eternal Nectar of the Divine.
More info & registration: www.facebook.com/events/1677680439141897/

Conscious Diner: 12 ,50 euro (only presale)
Concert: 15 euro | At door 20 euro
SHiNE: 12 euro | At door 15 euro

SHiNiNG Combi Tickets (only presale)

Concert & SHiNE : 25 euro 
Concert & Workshop Sudha: 35 euro
Concert & Workshop & SHiNE: 45 euro


We need your help!
Facebook only allows us to invite 50 friends.... That is a bummer! Please invite your Shining friends and mantra lovers for this Sudha SHiNE event and share the event on your timeline. Let's gather the Tribe! Muchos Gracias.

About Sudha
For over a decade Sudha has offered sacred chants, devotional mantras and songs from a variety of traditions, taking her audiences on an exquisite journey through sound, into the heart of stillness and prayer. She weaves influences from the East, from the Sufi, Tibetan and Indian traditions as well as chants from Africa, Hawaií, Native America and beyond, inviting listeners to join her in song, prayer and silence.
Originally from Denmark, Sudha's background in dance, drama and music reaches back to her childhood, where she also developed an early interest in self- discovery and the mysteries of our seen and unseen world. Music and dance then became the vehicle through which she expressed her journey of discovery and her passion for creating atmospheres of healing and universal love.

Since 2002, she has been performing internationally through Europe, Australia, USA, Japan and India at concerts, festivals and meditation events. Sudha spent six years performing and recording with Dutch producer Maneesh de Moor.
In 2006 a deep process at the Oneness University near Chennai, India, Sudha experienced a profound sense of Oneness and found a path via which she could access the divine source of energy. This energy is now transmitted through her singing and is available to all who choose to join Sudha through listening to her live in concert or via her CD's.

About Shining Music
It is the new recordlabel from Kareem Raïhani & HeartFire. SHiNiNG MUSiC will release on a regular base new music with mantra beats, shamanic dance rituals and shining melodies!

About Kareem Raïhani
With his unique mix of Tribal-Afro-Shamanic-Disco-Tantric-Gypsy-Techno-Sufi-Dance, Kareem merges like no other different styles of dance music into a happening of body shaking rhythms, shamanic ceremonies, tantric beats, heart opening sounds, spiralling melodies, deep connecting mantras and contagious grooves. Being close to the heart and Mother Earth, respecting ancient knowledge and conscious of modern technology.

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