Science and Nonduality conference 2013

Science and Nonduality

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Welkom aan de wetenschap en nondualiteit

De tweede Europese Science and Nonduality samenkomst op Landgoed Zonheuvel in Doorn is een internationaal evenement waar meer dan 80 vooraanstaande wetenschappers, filosofen en spirituele leraren samenkomen om opnieuw te ontdekken wie we werkelijk zijn, als individu en als samenleving. Deze ontdekkingstocht wordt gevoed door baanbrekende wetenschappelijke bevindingen, maar volgt tegelijkertijd de oeroude wijsheid van non-dualiteit – het diepe inzicht in de eenheid en verbondenheid van het leven. De conferentie is een reis, een verkenning van de essentie van bewustzijn.Nonduality is the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific understanding of non-separation and fundamental intrinsic oneness.

Van 30 april tot en met 2 mei 2013 zal op landgoed Zonheuvel te Doorn (Utrecht) de SAND 2013 plaatsvinden. Kaarten voor deze bijzondere driedaagse bijeenkomst zijn via Orongo te bestellen.

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Nonduality is the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific understanding of non-separation and fundamental intrinsic oneness.

For thousand of years, through deep inner inquiry, philosophers and sages have came to the realization that there is only one substance and we are therefore all part of it. This substance can be called Awareness, Consciousness, Spirit, Advaita, Brahman, Tao, Nirvana or even God. It is constant, ever present, unchangeable and is the essence of all existence.

In the last century Western scientists are arriving at the same conclusion: The universe does indeed comprise of a single substance, presumably created during the Big Bang, and all sense of being - consciousness - subsequently arises from it. This realization has ontological implications for humanity: fundamentally we are individual expressions of a single entity, inextricably connected to one another, we are all drops of the same ocean.

Science and Nonduality is a journey, an exploration of the nature of awareness, the essence of life from which all arises and subsides.


Some speakers: 


                                                          Unmani                       Rupert Spira


It is our mission to honor and nurture the ongoing exploration and experience of nonduality as a pathway to greater wisdom and well-being, especially in light of the unique challenges facing our 21st century culture. To achieve our mission, we:

• Heal the schism between science and spirituality while defining a new understanding of what it means to be human, inspired by the mystics and grounded in modern Science.

• Create a container characterized by authenticity, safety and respect for members of the community to communicate, explore and experience the interconnectedness of life

• Develop and share resources that facilitate the integration of this new understanding into daily life

• Celebrate the mystery of life!

SAND is inspired about creating and growing a community/movement of likeminded individuals believing that the time has come for the fragmentation of knowledge we have seen over the last four hundred years to give way to a newparadigm in which science and spirituality reenter into a meaningful dialogue with one another. Spirituality need not be at odds with scientific inquiry — a new kind of integration is possible. What is required for this reintegration is an empirically-responsible spirituality, one that is not beholden to dogma or authority, and a more humanistic science, one that is willing to consider the big questions of life.

SAND provides a model for this new reintegration by creating a forum for deep and respectful dialogue across fields and disciplines through conferences, media, online community and local gatherings.

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Bron: Science and Nonduality

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