LightTribe kick-off with courses and Burning Man tickets to win!


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(Light Tribe) It’s D-day for LightTribe! Today is the 1st day of our 30-day crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter – see! Besides great incentives starting at 1 Euro only, LightTribe offers amazing courses to empower yourself and gives on top Burning Man tickets to win to honor your great support!


LightTribe is to set a new format for Social Networks. LightTribe is not for everybody – no, not at all! LightTribe is exclusively designed for those individuals that value passion, a meaningful life and joy as the most important ingredients to celebrate the miracle we call life. LightTribe is to be more than a platform where you can locate your passion – wherever you go. We want to be more than an international social network to meet like-minded people and also more than a micro-funding tool to get your awareness projects funded!

We live amazing times. The number of individuals on planet Earth in search for passion, personal growth and a change for the better – freed from dogmas, politics and religious motivations - never ever in human history has been as massive as today. We are part of a true revolution: we entered the Era of Light!

THAT is what LightTribe is about, THAT is where we want to contribute too! The LightTribe Movement is the heartbeat of LightTribe, the members of the Movement (€ 15/year) are involved in coloring LightTribe’s future.

Dear folks, there is great work to be done, let’s BE the revolution! Support us, join us, let’s become strong together and make the change for the better the world is waiting for. Meet us today at

Interview with the LightTribe Founder

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