Why facebook is monitoring your emotions using new “Like” emojis


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(Natural Blaze | By Kristan T. Harris) Facebook has upgraded their “like” button to allow users to display their current feelings on posts, by selecting an emoji. The data will help Facebook develop a more detailed profile ranking on you. The company has already admitted to using the new feature for social engineering, according to Tech.Mic.

The technology news website claims,  “Facebook confirmed to Mic that it will use data gathered when you use the new emoji to alter your News Feed and learn more about what you like.”

Undoubtedly, Facebook wishes to keep you attached to your computer screen longer, as well as dictate what information you see.

The new Emoji platform extends your overall stay on the social media platform. If you are having trouble deciding what emoji you want to use, it will increase the length of your stay and increase marketing value of advertising on Facebook.

Facebook has recognized videos hold your attention longer, this is why you now see more videos in your feed. I have found myself guilty of this.

In the near future Facebook will host your website to give it more eyeballs. Facebook’s chief product officer told Recode’s Peter Kafka that the rumors reported are true, the company is working on a way to host publishers’ websites.

“Facebook is actually having these kinds of discussion with publishers, Cox says, to figure out a model that would enable Facebook to host content that would otherwise go on a publisher’s own website. Cox says one of the challenges for publishers — including Facebook — is that reading on mobile is still a crummy experience. He believes Facebook can make it better,” according to the NY post.

Facebook has become one of the largest predators of freedom of speech and censorship as of late. Emojis will give them an even more intimate look into your emotions.

The data will allow the social media platform to surgically remove and piece together your news feed, censor information or behavior the company deems controversial.

For example, since the CIA sold guns to ISIS, and they sold them using Facebook, now no one can sell guns on their platform. Facebook has just announced, they are banning all talk of firearms, ammo, or gun parts trading.

Here is how the Emoji could work in action on just the topic of firearms. Data from any negative emoji about this subject could be used to put your account on some sort of digital watch or shadow banned list, or even make you more eligible to end up in Facebook jail.  

Information on your emotions could also improve the social media platform’s search for criminal behavior. Facebook already scans your profile photographs, posts and messages for criminal activity and reports them to local law enforcement.

The thing that made Facebook great is slowly fading away. The greatest platform for freedom of speech and aggregation is far gone, leaving many desiring a new platform altogether.

Source: Natural Blaze

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