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(Earth Matters | door Jessica Solcer) Na het succes van vorig jaar host de Global Breakthrough Energy Movement op 10, 11 en 12 oktober 2013 wederom een driedaagse conferentie met presentaties van 30 bijzondere wetenschappers, insiders en creatieve denkers. De conferentie zal dit jaar plaatsvinden in Boulder, Colorado. Diverse onderwerpen met betrekking tot de wetenschap, implicaties en toekomst van Breakthrough Energy komen aan bod.

De tickets zijn uitverkocht, maar goed nieuws voor de thuisblijvers: de conferentie wordt dit jaar live gestreamd!

Hieronder volgt het programma van vrijdag 11 oktober, de tweede dag die zich richt op de implicaties en de uitvinders van Breakthrough Energy. 

Let op! De aangegeven tijd is plaatselijke tijd in Boulder, Colorado. In Nederland leven wij 8 uren later. Dag één begint dus voor ons op vrijdagavond 17:30 en kan tot zaterdagochtend 05:00 duren...

Er worden in twee zalen tegelijkertijd lezingen gegeven. 

Bekijk de live stream op:


PROGRAMMA vrijdag 11 oktober 2013



With the decline in climate quality and continued use of fossil fuels in the 21st century, the discovery and development of fuel-free energy sources is mandatory for humanity’s survival. More unconventional energy technologies are emerging that offer hope for future energy, which is the subject of this presentation. Beyond biofuels, wind and hydrogen are energy and propulsion discoveries that are being developed into revolutionary viable and portable devices. This is a lively PowerPoint presentation with two short video clips included that invariably captivates the audience.


What are the main reasons why humanity has not manifested Free Energy technology in any way that is truly beneficial to our species? What are the psychological factors at work within humanity that hold us back from the fruition of Tesla's vision for Free Energy and Free Communications? What ideas would people need to adopt in order for us to move past an energy paradigm that is based upon scarcity, greed, imperialism and fear, to one that is based in abundance, higher consciousness, freedom, and oneness? More importantly, what ideas will need to be abandoned by humanity – ideas to which we stubbornly cling, when in fact, they do not serve the goals to which we collectively claim to aspire – in order to make Tesla’s dream a reality?

De presentatie van Catherine Austin Fitts in 2012


The Fourth Turning: The Context for a major Equity Capital Shift. Catherine will discuss traditional start up capital in the US, the jobs act of 2012 and the regulations issued in 2013 and how this all inter connect with breakthrough energy technology funding. The oppurtunities and risks of crowdfunding for the scene. 

There have been many recent breakthroughs in energy technologies including solar, batteries, renewables and some more exotic technologies. These will accelerate the current uptake of renewable energies and assist in bringing about energy independence and choice for the consumer. Many of these technologies will be reviewed in the presentation and how quickly their impact is and will be seen. Many are considered as enabling technologies. An update will be presented on latest statistics and global trends in renewable energies. Many countries are aiming for 100% renewable energies within the next 20 years while other lag behind. More importantly an explanation will be given on how these technologies can be accessed by the individual now and in the future at little or no cost to the consumer. A review of technologies being made available to third world countries will be discussed replacing fossil fuels in third world countries for lighting and small power applications. Some of these technologies will flow on to western markets. A Q & A session will be held at the end.

GlobalBEM Transmissions is the broadcast of the Breakthrough Energy Movement (
Flood villages. Clear-cut balsa forests. Gouge craters in the earth. Incinerate complex carbon. Traffic sex slaves. Mock the sun with sand. Expand global economic and social injustice. All to serve our electricity obsession.Perpetuating the fraud of Edison and Westinghouse distracts even the most forward-thinking innovators. We hear calls for “free energy” and “over-unity”. But what we ignore is a power-filled cosmos that silently marvels at our callous obsession fueled by the greed of a few industrialists who left global carnage in their wake over a century ago. Energy is neither free nor expensive. Over-unity simply means that we’re not measuring the whole system and all of its inputs and outflows. And, in the final analysis, what we really need is a paradigm that centers on how to animate our endeavors with as much phase and state coherence as possible gaining the greatest utility with the least destruction. In this provocative examination of the economics and science, David Martin exposes the Purveyors of Power and the pathway to emancipation from one of society’s most insidious addictions.

13.15-14.15: Daniel and Erica Nunez - ELECTROMAGNETIC COILS

1Stop Energies is based out of the Bronx, New York; and is founded by Erica and Daniel Nunez. Combined with a drive towards freedom and a hands on way of creating change, the 1Stop team has been able to research, develop, and implement many of the technologies listed in the different application tabs above. 

What began as a "sustainable night light project," became a life long journey to reshape the way we generate and utilize electricity on a fundamental level. After closely contemplating the efficacy of solar, wind, water, and other renewable energy sources; it became apparent that these options relied on finite sources of energy and couldn't possibly create an 'end all' platform for energy independence. Thus, commenced the quest to develop a type of energy generating system which could truly sustain and balance energy in a new way. We commenced by creating simple energy efficient motor/generators based on open source information attainable through internet searches and published data. 

Shortly after, our interest in sacred geometry led us to the Vortex Based Mathematics works of Marko Rodin, which were later refined by Randy Powell. The entire VBM premise is based on universal 'natural pathways' or 'flow paths' that exist in the 3-D space we inhabit. This understanding has also been verified by Dan Winters, Nassim Haramein, Nikola Tesla, CERN Researchers, and many others working in the field of platonic solids. After seeing other small scale models created by driven inventors; we decided to take our understanding a step further and develop our custom framework to control and ensure geometric precision in toroidal space. We began testing different wiring algorithms and creating custom circuitry to understand and replicate our own findings for both on and off grid uses. Over the course of 4 years, we have developed enough collective knowledge to replicate our results on large and small scale uses; while posting our findings to the internet community in an attempt to raise awareness and peek interest into these wonderful new possibilities.

Fernando Vossa explains Global BEM

After a decade of research in the areas of Breakthrough Energy solutions, a wide range of healing modalities for the body, and experiencing a personal transformation of consciousness; Vossa now presents his findings. Nikola Tesla spoke about the deeper truths encoded in the language of energy, frequency, and vibration as the crux of inquiry in our quest to understand the nature of the universe. Vossa is a multidimensional artist that has developed a series of design concepts and prototypes for technologies that bridge our understanding of generating electricity, tapping into our body’s inherent ability to heal, and spiritual processes that expand our connection to all life. You are invited to experience a renaissance in creativity as the seed for the unfolding of our galactic place in the cosmos.

14.15-15.15: Randy Powell - VORTEX BASED MATHEMATICS

Randy Powell is going to present a brief overview of the history of Vortex Based Mathematics, its origins and evolution up to the present time with references on where one can educate oneself further.The rest of his presentation he intends to discuss his current work which has never been publicly presented before.This will cover the secret of prime numbers and how they can be used to encode multi-dimensional matrices of intersecting numerical information.He will discuss some of what he believes are the potentials and applications of this work and why it will eventually revolutionize number theory and reconstruct the sciences from the inside out working from geometry to physics to chemistry to biology.
TedxCharlotte 2010 Randy Powell - Vortex Based Mathematics

15.30-16.30: Michael Riversong - ENVIRONMENTAL CASE FOR B.E. TECHNOLOGIES

Environmental concerns came forward with a general spread of new ideas in America and Europe during the 1960s. Several environmental organizations began during that era, mostly designed to apply political pressure against one or more of the listed concerns. Most of those are still around and recognized today. By the late 70s it was clear to many environmentalists that political processes were slow and sometimes ineffective. A few broke away into militant radicalism, which didn't last long in the face of improvements to law enforcement technology. Research and development of alternative or renewable energy accelerated during the late 70s and early 80s. This included solar, wind, geothermal, and biofuels. Small numbers of electrical engineers and concerned scientists started looking at more advanced technologies, including the work of Nikola Tesla and several research threads that had been left behind by independent inventors like T. Henry Moray and E.V. Gray. Many informal networks and structured organizations arose out of this research. Prominent among those was the International Tesla Society. Recovery of Tesla's writings and compilation of his patents began in the early 80s. It became increasingly clear to those who handled his materials that many of his proposals could produce power generation systems that were free of pollution and possibly nontoxic. Several other research lines emerged in the same context. Now it is possible to assess each new energy technology in relation to possible environmental effects and develop specific profiles. By 1905 it was clear to Tesla that we would not have to burn another drop of fuel to get the energy we needed. He was at that time working on a comprehensive global electricity transmission system. Any type of generator could be used to feed the wireless transmitter, but apparently the energy sources to be used were hydroelectric and universal radiant or cosmic. Since 2006 several working scale model replicas have been built. These use common materials which have relatively good environmental profiles. We have not found any kind of heavy electromagnetic fields coming from these systems, which means they are not likely to generate those types of invisible pollution.Planning to do environmental assessments as new technologies develop is wise. We are in a position to prevent serious problems before they start.

15.30-16.30: Mark Brasche a.k.a. Zero Fossil Fuel - ELECTRO-MAGNETIC INDUCTION

The lure of the possibility of cheap, non-polluting, unlimited energy is what drives us to experiment. I believe that electrical engineering masters of the past, names such as Faraday, Maxwell, Heavyside, Tesla, Steinmetz, all had the keys or portions thereof which held the potential of releasing this abundant energy from the vacuum. It is the natural order of our physical universe, the very foundation of creation itself. In more modern times we have seen repeated evidence of this energy synthesis from people such as Eric Dollard, James Murray and many others. The evidence is all around us. Our path is clear. But, to reach the end we must know where to start. Where that is is not where we have been taught.Take the red pill. Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Dr. Ross will discuss both the Rife Universal Microscope and the Nemescope. Royal R. Rife invented a microscope that allowed the discovery of specific frequencies that would devitalize or destroy microbes and viruses that were the cause of more than 60 diseases and illnesses. Dr. Ross has possessed this one and only microscope as well as hundreds of original documents and laboratory notes from the Rife laboratories in the 1930s. Dr. Elmer Nemes developed his Nemescope that saw down to the atomic level in the early 1950s. This microscope was 60 times more powerful than the Rife microscope and allowed pictures of the energy bonds between atoms, the viewing of magnetic flux lines around the poles of magnets and original pictures of the cancer virus live at 3.5 million diameters. Dr. Ross will discuss what these discoveries tell us regarding energy and its influence on diseases and illnesses. What we really know regarding energy medicine and what we might do in the future.


What does it take to be an open source garage lab energy researcher? Why is it important to be open source? What is “live open science”? What can an open energy source researcher do that others can’t? All interesting questions Russ will answer. And more! Russ will also be showing many of his gadgets and inventions he has created using this open source research platform and the “live open science” idea.

The Citizen Hearing, Richard Dolan


Our future has been held hostage by the suppression of important truths. For seventy years, the U.S. military, and other militaries, have encountered what we call UFOs, and have been secretly studied the related technology. However these objects move from Point A to Point B, it is not via petroleum, and hence they pose a revolutionary prospect to our global infrastructure and all forms of life on Earth. This suppression has gone for so long that we tend to think it will last forever. It will not. Our civilization is rapidly moving toward a destination that will unveil deep, profound truths, some pleasant, others not. Historian and author Richard Dolan starts here and goes deeper than ever before to analyze the structure of power and secrecy that has enveloped our world, and describes active measures we can take to reclaim our freedom.


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