Fundamentals of the ageless wisdom: a hidden reality


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(Eric Huysmans) In het kader van mijn studie bij de Morya Federation heb ik enkele papers geschreven over verschillende onderwerpen van The Ageless Wisdom. Hieronder tref je de eerste aan die gaat over de veel grotere werkelijkheid die ons omringt én doordringt. Hierin wordt licht geworpen op onze oorsprong, op de zeven systemische werelden met haar functies en bewustzijnsniveaus, en op onze menselijke constitutie die bestaat uit zeven lichamen.

Deze papers zijn in het Engels. Bij meer dan 10 verzoeken ben ik graag bereid het onderstaande in het Nederlands te vertalen. Deze verzoeken kunnen worden gericht aan [email protected] 


Many human beings are not aware that there is a much broader reality than appears at first sight. Some believe that the only reality stems from the objective material world, in which there are only objects perceived through the senses, or which can be scientifically ‘proved’ to exist. Others, a relatively large group, indoctrinated by different religions, believe in life after death with angels and demons and a (wrathful) God in heaven. And then, there is a growing group of spiritually interested persons who hold for the most part vague ideas of other dimensions with mystical and divine beings and masters.

This essay endeavors to give the interested reader very concise descriptions and mental insights in the hidden reality that is in and all around us. It seeks to shed some light on the human roots, the seven systemic planes of the cosmic physical plane with their functions and levels of consciousness, and the human constitution that consists of seven bodies.


Where do we, human beings, come from? Who are we? What is the Universe made of? These are some of the big questions that have puzzled inquiring human beings as long as humanity has been in existence.

The answers to those questions offered by modern science are not satisfying for the ones who are seeking a deeper truth; neither are the vague and fantastic stories reported for ages by the Christian Church to quell the masses. For people who keep digging for the truth and who are open to hear, the Ageless Wisdom gives much more satisfying answers. In particular, the answers which were, at one time, given orally by Masters in the past, such as Buddha or Pythagoras, and which can still be found in old scriptures like the Kabalistic Zohar and the ‘original Jewish Bible’ (note 1) or in more recent teaching like The Secret Doctrine and the blue books of Alice Bailey. In these sources is given a vast richness of esoteric knowledge on the origin of the Cosmos and of Man and of the magnificent and intricate web of the reality that surrounds and penetrates us.

Beginning at the level of our surrounding reality, answers to pertinent questions are systematically described within the seven Systemic (also called ‘Solar’) Planes (in which the word ‘planes’ could be regarded as meaning ‘vibratory levels’).


The goal of this essay requires me to be very brief about the originating force of the planes. Madame Blavatsky wrote many pages in her Secret Doctrine, wherein she uses a wide variety of different terms to identify this force. In this regard, however, I will limit references to this force to a statement that there is an all-pervading force, or root substance, or root consciousness, or origin of everything including itself, or the primordial atom, or the sole content of the Cosmos, named by Pythagoras the ‘Monad’ (Note 2). In addition it is stated in the books of Alice Bailey, that Master Djwhal Khul (DK) also uses a term which he calls ‘the All-Seeing Eye’ (although I am not certain that he meant the primary force by the use of the expression) in the excerpt that follows:

The “All-seeing Eye” of the planetary Logos and the organ of vision employed by Him–the Monad.

Let me now expand the concept further, reminding you of the phrase so oft employed, "the All-seeing Eye." This refers to the power of the planetary Logos to see into all parts, aspects and phases (in time and space) of His planetary vehicle, which is His physical body and to identify Himself with all the reactions and sensitivities of His created world and to participate with full knowledge in all events and happenings. Through what medium does He, on His own high levels, do this? Through what mechanism does He thus "see"? What is His organ of vision? What is the nature of the sight whereby He contacts the seven planes of His manifested universe? What is the organ, employed by Him, which corresponds to the third eye in man? The answer is as follows: the Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eye is to man; this will become clearer to you if you will bear in mind that our seven planes are only the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The monadic world—so-called—is His organ of vision; …DINA II: 291.

Subject to my previous reservation on the use of the expression, I think that we can, in utmost simplicity, state that this “All-seeing Eye”, or Monad, created the (non-physical) Cosmos with seven Cosmic Planes, which was most probably an act of necessity.  One of the next steps in this vast creation process was the creation of the Cosmic Physical Sub-planes, our Systemic System, and the appearance of the Planetary Logos on the seven sub-planes of each of them.  So, in total, we have (at least) 343 vibratory levels.

The following is a short summary of the seven Systemic Planes and their functions and levels of consciousness. I start with the most dense and familiar Plane, the dense Physical Plane, which is the seventh plane in the row of least to highest density. That’s why the summary numerically goes in reverse, from number 7 to 1.

7. Dense Physical Plane

This is our familiar and visible plane of the lowest material world (or vibratory level), with the sensory visible elements earth, water, fire and air. Its function is the development of physical consciousness in the Earth world, of consciousness of physical matter (matter as we know it).

6. Liquid or Emotional or Astral Plane

This mostly called ‘Astral’ Plane is in reality the plane of the emotional world. This plane is less dense than the Physical Plane and is called liquid, because the indwelling emotions make dense physical matter and blockages fluid: the word ‘e-motion’ can in this regard be explained as ‘energy in motion’. In this plane dwell non-dense physical, emotional beings of many sorts, which can be divided, according to sub-planes in seven levels. These levels reach from the lowest emotions like hate and fear towards the highest one: LOVE.

Its functions are: the development of emotional consciousness, our feelings and emotions; learning to handle attraction or repulsion and our desires (kama); growing from preoccupation with the self to selflessness and service of the not-self; raising our feelings and emotions from the lowest levels of fear and hate via the next levels of grief to forgiveness, and then to harmony and peace and ultimately to the already mentioned highest emotion: LOVE.

5. Gaseous or Mental Plane (lower and higher mental or causal plane)

This is the plane of the mental world; of thoughts, ideas and ideals. The term ‘gaseous’ refers to the vaporizationprocess wherein fluid emotions disappear and are replaced by thoughts.

Its function is: developing our mental consciousness from the lower mental levels, of jumping to conclusions and black and white principles (or-or) and thinking without discretion, to higher mental levels of concrete thinking and seeing things in perspective. And from that further upwards to higher mental or causal consciousness of abstract thinking which allows us to generalize and think in patterns and systems, to form abstract ideas, to become fully conscious of being a soul in incarnation and to be in full contact with our Egoic Lotus or causal body.

4. Etheric or Intuitional or Buddhic Plane

Here we arrive at a world, which is still not accepted by traditional science (because it can not be ‘proven’ by scientific observation), the invisible etheric world. The main function of the etheric world of the Buddhic is Intuition. This is the plane of harmony, unifying love and an intuition, which reveals the whole. This plane is the middle aspect of the spiritual triad (atma-buddhi-manas), and is the vibratory level towards which humanity as a whole aspires.

Its functions are: the development of group consciousness, intuitional or Christ consciousness, full harmony, unifying love and an intuition which reveals the whole; finding the “clear cold light” which reveals truth as it really is, unmediated by any thoughtforms.

3. Super-etheric or Atmic Plane of the Spiritual Will

This is the spiritual world of the third aspect, the plane from which the Will of God – the Planetary Logos – is recognized and accessed. It is the plane of Divine Law expressed through Divine Thought. All life in the lower five worlds (or planes) is controlled from this plane of Divine Will.

Its functions are: the development of planetary consciousness in the spiritual world; recognizing and accessing the Will of God, the Planetary Logos; expressing Divine Law through Divine Thought; learning the Divine Plan as it is intended by the Planetary Logos.

2. Sub-atomic or Monadic Plane of the Divine

This is the Divine world of the second aspect, called ‘Monadic Plane’.  As I already said, I use the word Monad for the root force, as Pythagoras did (see note 2).

Its functions are: the development of God-consciousness in the Divine world; finding and experiencing the highest aspect of the human being: the spirit aspect; finding and experiencing true liberation, as man becoming (relatively) a “free spirit”.

1. Atomic or Divine or Logoic Plane

This is the Logoic world of the first aspect and the atomic plane of the seven systemic planes. The Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara) has His principal focus on this plane and the Christ (the Lord Maitreya) is just attaining consciousness and effectiveness upon it. This plane is called the “Sea of Fire. The Council Chamber of Shamballa is found principally upon this plane. From it all dynamic, creative impulses go forth, inspiring life upon the lower six planes. Only a Master of the seventh initiation (such as the Christ) can begin to focus upon this plane.

Its function is: the development of absolute consciousness in the world of the emanating cause, the world of the first aspect, the “Sea of Fire”, and the energy which emanates from it and animates the entire cosmic physical plane (comprised of the seven systemic planes here enumerated).


Our Human Constitution can be systematically and schematically described along the

lines of the Seven Systemic Planes, as can be seen in the following chart from Alice Bailey’s Book ‘Initiation, Human and Solar’.

In this chart we can see that the constitution of the total Human Being stretches out over six planes, from the second Monadic plane to the familiar seventh Physical Plane. The next thing, which it shows, is that our full constitution can be divided in three so called ‘triads’: the first triad dwells in the second Monadic Plane; the second triad stretches out over the third Atmic, the fourth Buddhic and higher part of the fifth Mental Plane; and the third triad over the lower part of the fifth Mental Plane and the sixth Astral and seventh Physical plane. 

I. The first triad in the Monadic Plane is the Monad, or pure Spirit, the ‘Father in Heaven’. It can be regarded as the highest body of Man, which is

1. The Monadic body: this reflects the three aspects of the Godhead:

  1. Will or Power: the Father.
  2. Love-wisdom: the Son.
  3. Active Intelligence: the Holy Spirit.

This ‘Father in Heaven’ is only contacted at the final initiations, when man is nearing the end of his journey and is perfected.

The Monad reflects itself again in:

II. The Ego, Soul, Higher Self, or Individuality.

This second, or Spiritual triad consists of three bodies:

  1. The Atmic Body: reflects our Spiritual Will.
  2. The Buddhic Body: reflects our Intuition, love-wisdom, the Christ principle.
  3. The Higher Mental (or Causal) Body: Higher Manas or the abstract Mind.

The Ego (or soul) begins to make its power felt in advanced men, and increasingly on the Probationary Path until by the third initiation the control of the lower self by the higher is perfected, and the highest aspect begins to make its energy felt.

The Ego reflects itself in:

III. The Personality, or lower self, or physical plane man.

This is the third triad which also consists of three bodies:

5.  The Mental Body: lower manas, our concrete thoughts.

6.  The Emotional Body: astral body, our emotions.

7.  The Physical Body: the dense physical and the etheric body (or etheric double).

The aim of evolution is to bring man to the realisation of the Egoic aspect and to bring the lower nature under its control. (IHS:xv).


It will be clear from the above that a human being is much more than the appearance of a body. We are not our physical body, nor are we our emotional or our mental body. In other words: we are neither our emotions nor our thoughts. We are much more than that. Each and everyone of us is a Monad (in the terminology of Pythagoras) which has developed itself during a long evolution (after an even so long or longer period of involution) into a human soul, the Ego (with capital letter E), which in his turn dives into many different personalities with varying sets of bodies, to complete the path of evolution of consciousness.

The reality which surrounds us, as well as seen from the nearer standpoint of our bodies as from the much wider view into the cosmos, is vast and stretches out over innumerable planes, or vibratory levels. The average man seems far from grasping this all, not being open to even take the possibility of the truth of these matters into consideration. Even the man who finds himself on the Probationary Path (which is the path towards Discipleship) has difficulties to grasp the enormity of this all. He finds himself in awe in trying to grasp the complexity of the wondrous complexity of his surrounding reality.

Eric Huysmans

Note 1 – In ‘The Secret Doctrine’ (Vol. I, p. 346, note 2), Madame Blavatsky refers to the original Jewish Bible (called by her ‘the real Jewish one’) and not the generally accepted one which is a mutilated version.

Note 2 – See Henry T. Laurency: ‘The Knowledge of Reality’ (e.g. p. 11) and ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’  (p. 20).


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