The fall & rise of our civilization: Part III - Waking up from mass disempowerment

Bentinho Massaro

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(Bentinho Massaro)  Bentinho discloses some of the key topics of corruption and mental, emotional and physical pollution and manipulation that are still going on at this time on this planet. It is important that we wake up to how disempowered we are still allowing our civilization to be, and hence, how much we are still willing to be controlled by an elite few, most of whom have self-serving intentions.

The elite few self-serving entities/organizations on this planet realize that the ground beneath their feet is being abruptly taken away from them by the natural evolution of an awakening humanity who is more and more willing to take back its rightful and powerful place on this planet. 

This meeting will shine a light on some of these key areas of corruption and control, investigate the root causes that sustain the remnant of this old-paradigm, and suggests powerful ways in which we can take back our inner and outer empowerment.

Here is the talk by Dr. Steven Greer Bentinho refers to:

I light of this live stream, Bentinho recommends watching the following 3 videos:


**Sirius Documentary**

**Super comprehensive overview and insightful lecture by Steven Greer on the state of 'the secret government'. This is long, and for some perhaps somewhat intense, so feel free to take a couple of breaks and make sure you keep your frequency high while you simultaneously allow yourself to be educated, like I've been teaching you :-). But this one is perhaps the most important of the three if you wish to have a much more in depth understanding of the dying paradigm that used to run the show**

Allow both Edward Snowden and Dr. Steven Greer to inspire you to give the best of yourself to humanity, against all odds, and with complete dedication in service-of-others IF that excites you of course. And allow them to educate you on the remnants of how the service-to-self aspect of our collective consciousness has been running the show after WWII.

You know by now that clear information and the ability to act in empowering, liberating ways in service-to-others greatly excites me, so please enjoy these films.


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