The Fall and Rise of Our Civilization: Part I


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(Bentinho Massaro) In this first part of the series, Bentinho will re-inspire us to look deep into our inner Being to connect to the One Infinite Intelligence which we are able to purely channel through us. 

To know yourself profoundly, both as the unique individual soul that you are and the purpose that you have in mind for this bodily life, and as the Infinite Creator itself, will grant you access to a purity and power nothing in this world can ever oppose.

This meeting lays the personal ground work for the following three events, especially the July 24 and 31 events (Part III and IV) - visit to view the other parts of this series and/or make a donation to ban fracking in Colorado.

Or, to learn more about the Frack Free Colorado move, and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign:

Source: Bentinho Massaro


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In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionairy act.

George Orwell

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