Ukraine, Russia and American Imperialism


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(Earth Matters) Stefan Molyneux spreekt met Dr. Paul Craig Roberts over de situatie in de Oekraine. Er wordt ingegaan op redenen voor de Oekraine om al dan niet voor de EU of Rusland te kiezen en de rol die de VS in dit conflict heeft. "In een poging om militair strategische bases te vestigen in dit Russisch grensgebied speelt de VS hoog spel".

(Brasscheck TV) US plays the "destabilize Russia's borders" game again.

 When Russia threw out its Czar and attempted to modernize its economy and society, the US and Great Britain sent in troops during the last days of World War I to try to destabilize the country and give the old - and compliant - regime another chance to run the country and its people into the ground. 

A Winston Churchill idea. 

There was serious talk about invading Russia after World War II, to take advantage of our ally's tragedy (the utter devastation of the country by the Nazi) in order to impose "free market" conditions on the place. 

Then there was the Cold War...

In the 90s Clinton and friends allied with Al Qaeda terrorists used a "civil war" (terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists on police stations and other government installations ) as a pretext to bomb Belgrade. (Look it up. That's exactly what happened.)

Now, furious with the Ukraine's rejection of the European Union and seeing a chance to weaken another Russian ally and cause trouble on its borders, the US and friends have fomented chaos in the Ukraine. 

Am I a fan of Putin and his KGB style of management? No and we've posted numerous articles about that here. 

But let's call a spade a spade.


Brasscheck TV

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