Understanding Ukraine

understanding Ukraine

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(Forbidden Knowledge TV) Vlogbrother's John discusses the crisis in Ukraine, and how the influence of Russia and Europe have shaped Ukrainian politics for centuries. In fact, the word, "Ukraine" literally means "Borderland," he says.

I wasn't aware of Josef Stalin's shipping of thousands of the Crimea's indigenous Tatars out of their land, to live in Central Asia and then replacing these people with ethnic Russians, who today represent roughly 80% of the population of Crimea.

I had come to think that the Crimea as basically a Russian state; I was thinking "Just give it to the Russians and everything will settle down and be done with" - but Vlogbrother's John explains why it isn't as easy as just that, if only from an infrastructure point of view.

There is one statement John makes here, which has been considered to be "common knowledge" up until now: John accuses the Janukovich government of the slaughter of 80 protestors last week.

But nothing is that simple in Ukraine. Vlogbrother's John was missing a vital piece of information to be found in this clip.

Autopsies have revealed that eerily-similar sniper murders were committed against rioters on *both* sides of the struggle (which would make no sense, as far as Janukovich's agenda was concerned) - but this would very well serve to inflame and to confuse the issue of exactly what is going on in Ukraine.

And, at this - it has achieved spectacularly - in confusing the Hell out of everyone.

There were 80 dead on both sides of the riot, which resulted in the abandonment of Ukraine by the President of his country and of his ridiculously opulent mansion, fleeing from accusations of mass-murder.

But it has since it has since been determined that these bullets were fired by a *third party*: Not by Janukovich's forces - and not by the protestors - but by entities who are connected to the party which is currently serving as the temporary government of Ukraine and who will be holding the upcoming elections - and who also don't want an investigation into these sniper killings...one must ask, who is this "Third Party", exactly?

This newly-revealed evidence, coming from the EU foreign affairs chief, Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister, Urmas Paet has now resulted in their remaining very tight-lipped..and hopefully, we will soon understand why.


Forbidden Knowledge TV


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