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(Projects of Light | By Jolanda Klaassen) It was on my birthday in the year 1992 that my ex-husband gave me a wonderful present; 'Masters of the Far East' by Baird T. Spalding. By far my favourite book ever. I started reading it the next day and took a few weeks to read and integrate the teachings. At least on the level that I could comprehend by that time. It was the start of my conscious ascension. I started meditating daily, started to eat consciously, I remembered several past lives in which I had worked as a medicine man/shaman and had worked with herbs and magic, and started to use them for my own benefit and/or helped friends and family members with what I had to offer.

In 2005 I took it a step further. I signed a blank contract and told Spirit to fill it in. I declared that I was willing to serve the collective in each and every way I could. I wanted to be a Lightworker 24/7, which wasn't all that difficult, because I was disable due to 4 car crashes I underwent within 12 years (not driving even once), so I had all the time in the world to myself. No strings, no obligations. So I said: "Mel, Michael, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene (AA Melchizedek, AA Michael, Jesus and MM are my main spiritual guides) I Am willing and able to do whatever serves the Highest Good of All That Is, as well as my own. So please take me by the hand and guide me! Help me to heal myself, so I can travel again. Bring me to the places I need to visit, bring those people on my path that I have to meet. Reunite me with my soul family and bring me to the next level of consciousness."

A month later, in June 2005 I started working for a global lightworkers association and started Projects of Light, a practice for Energetic Therapy, Crystal Healing, Full Body Lay Outs and more. I started translating Aquarius Mystics, started giving workshops Pleiadian Lightwork, Egyptian Healing, Quantum Healing, Crystal Skulls, Cropcircles, Atlantian and Lemurian Ankh Healing, etc.

In 2007 Spirit old me to activate the Diamond Grid. I got in contact with Celia Fenn, my colleague from Starchild Global. An hour or so later, she was contacted by a lady from Tasmania, with the message that during her monthly meditation with a group of women she had received the same message. Celia linked us up, together with Jeremia, a lightworkers from the States, and with the four of us, Celia joined us too, we activated the Diamond Grid.

A year later I brought together a group of soul sisters and started working with the archetypal fields of the Divine Mother; Mary Magdalene, Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Nefertiti, Maat, Hatshepsut, etc. All with the intention to re-activate the Divine Feminine energies within ourselves and the collective. A well-known medium from the States remembered me of the resurrection code I am carrying. 'It is essential for you to fulfil that task', she said. 'Don't ask yourself when, where or how, it will unfold in perfect order.' Within the same period of time Nihanuan, a life size crystal skull I'm working with, she's from Mexico, told me to activate the Titanium Grid, so that the group could align themselves with it. Titanite, the crystalline form of Titanium is the only energy that can polish all the facets of the raw diamond we all are, so we are capable to reflect all the rays of Christ Consciousness, so the message said.

On the 20th of March 2009 we were ready and chosen to activate the Rainbow Bridge, so we could cross over, enter the 5th dimensional fields and leave the limitations of a 3D life behind us. For me it meant that I had to be willing to leave my husband behind who wasn't willing to transform and step up to a higher level of consciousness. Although I had done everything I could do to change his mind. I loved him dearly and wanted to be with him for life, but he limited my sacred space and made it impossible for me to fulfil my soul mission. And I just couldn't let that happen.

On the 21th of March 2009, only hours after crossing the Bridge, I met my Twin Ray Wijnand Veldhuizen. We energetically merged within a second as soon as I stepped in to his aura; we recognised each other without a doubt and we both knew that there was no other place again on Earth we'd rather be, we just had to be together. My life has never been the same again. That night I had a vision of us two in a huge cave, filled with stalactites and stalagmites, saying our goodbyes, as the time wasn't right for us to be together. We had to go our own way. I heard my dear one say to me; "Don't have no fear my beloved! We will find each other again, as soon as the time is right!" But we were both married for years, very ethical and not willing to hurt our loved ones by leaving.

But within a week I had to end my marriage after my husband threatened to kill me. It was an act of fear and jealousy. I came home late from a workshop I had been giving. I had called him to let him know that I was late, but I guess he didn't believe me and thought I was having another lover. He had saved my life at one point, had been my best friend for 15 years and no matter how sorry I felt for his feelings of inferiority, who were the cause of all his aggression, it was so threatening, that I could feel my love for him leave my body within seconds. I left the house only hours later.

On April 1st 2009, I activated my Platinum Grail in a teleseminar organised by Simeon, a colleague of mine, living in Hawaii in those days. During the guided meditation he was giving, one of the Masters approached me and handed me a huge Blue Diamond Skull who immediately merged with my body. It didn't speak, it didn't mention his or her name, I didn't have a clue what it all meant, it just took me weeks to integrate the energies that came along with it.

Wijnand called me. His wife had ask him to leave the house, after he had shared with her that he had met me and wanted to co-create a project with me. He didn't plan to step out of his marriage and leave his kids behind, he was asked to do so. At the same time, he made the conscious choise to live with his twin ray. I invited him over and we've never been apart since.

It was on the 5th of April 2009 that we blessed our love with a Sacred Marriage ceremony, a so called Hieros Gamos. We were by ourselves, at 'de Gulden Bodem', part of a national park nearby. Literally translated it means 'Golden Grounds'. We instantly knew that we were laying down a new fundament. Only our spiritual guides were present, guiding us through the ceremony. We made the conscious decision to merge our fields on each and every level. And set the intention to reunite the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies not only within ourselves but also within the collective, in order to establish Omniversal Oneness & Peace and reach the level of Unconditional Love that would heal all the suffering and shortcomings.

From that day forward we're together nearly 24/7. We travel across the globe, from power spot to power spot, we work together, we co-create pilgrimages together, establish activations, anchor grids, reactivate crystals, etc. So with the 9-9-9 portal, we were traveling to Greece, visiting Samos, Patmos, Lesbos, Efese and Delphi, together with a group of lightworkers, to lift the veil of Isis. It was on this sacred journey, that we visited the cave I had seen in the night of march 21th 2009. Being in the cave the Blue Diamond skull started talking for the very first time. It had only been communicating in vibes until then, not in words. The poem he shared with us was so profound, that I am still not able to decode it fully. He shared with us, that it was the activation of the Blue Diamond Ray. I didn't realise what it meant that day.

It was almost a year later, in august 2010, when Unity (a Crystal Skull of 15,6 kg) came into our lives. She told me within the first hour after I met her that I had to embody the 49 aspects of the Divine Mother. Although the experience in itself was mind-blowing, the energies as intense as they get and I didn't understand the meaning of it all, my soul resonated fully. A colleague channelled White Bull, who warned me not to let my mental patterns interfere. "The Divine Mother has chosen you already as her representative, so who are you to delay the process by interfering whit your limited mind, who is trying to understand each and every aspect", he said. I surrendered to the Divine Perfection in full trust.

With the 10-10-10 portal my good friend Dick told me that he wouldn't be leading the guided meditation at our group meeting, but that I was supposed to do so. I laughed. He looked at me and said: "It's absolutely clear to me, that you are the one to work with the Divine Mother energies today! So just start!" I had three minutes to get used to the idea, aligned myself and started channelling Stella Maris. She told me, and indirectly the group, to visualise the Blue Diamond Ray and to use it to reconnect all the underground tunnel networks. The underground tunnels are connecting all the places of worship on Earth, where the Divine Mother was ones honoured.

We had been traveling around the globe the whole year; Mary Magdalene had send us to France, England and Scotland; Isis and Maat told me to visit the temples all through Egypt, Yeshua brought us to the Holy Blood Chapel in Belgium, Joan of Arc had asked me to visit Rouen, was a year filled with deep personal transformations.

Last year, halfway October Spirit told me to visit Bosnia. I had a vision of the Pyramids. I didn´t even know they existed, until I googled and recognised the vibes. The resonance was so strong that I had rather started my journey the same day. But I knew I had to wait for the right moment in time. Everything in life has it´s Divine timing.

Eastern 2012 came. Some colleagues invited James Tyberonn to come to Holland and do a weekend workshop called `The Metatronic Keys`. Joan Parks was joining him, together with MAX, the ancient Crystal Skull. I received a telephone call with the request to translate James´ channelling from Metatron, which I did, and in return a personal sessions with MAX was planned for Wijnand and I. We were also asked to support the team during the weekend in which we were working with our 33 chakra system and activating our Mer-Ka-Na. It was on Sunday morning, just after the activation, that Sam Semir Osmanagic walked in. The minute I looked into his eyes I recognised his soul. Wijnand felt the same recognition. I looked at Wijnand and told him I wanted to invite Sam Semir for him to join us during our personal session with MAX, so we could meditate together. Wijnand felt the same need. Sam was happy to join us. During that meditation with MAX, Nihanuan and Inax-Ul joined in as well, two life size Crystal Skulls we are taking care of. Aligning with MAX and connecting to the builders of the pyramids I had a vision in which I saw a couple of chambers inside the pyramid of the Sun, with some special features. I shared my vision with Sam Semir during lunch. He smiled and answered that he didn´t publish what I had seen. `You got to come to Bosnia´ he said, `and please bring your skulls!`

A week later Fikreta, one of my soul sisters, visited us. During our conversation she invited us to come to Bosnia in September and stay for a couple of weeks at the house her mother, who had passed over a year earlier, had left her. Whenever there is synchronicity, you can be sure that you are on the right track. So I mailed Sam Semir to let him know what we had planned. `Perfect, he said, come in the first week of September and be my guest at the conference as well!´

So we did, we packed our stuff and started our journey to Bosnia & Herzegovina. As soon as we drove into Sarajevo, September 5th , we felt like coming home. Fikreta's family felt like soul family. The volunteers we met did as well. It was one big reunion! Sam Semir invited us to join a group of guests from Austria and the US. We visited the Tumulus & the Pyramid of the Moon and had some intriguing experiences. But most profound were the experiences we had that evening.

It was already after 20.00 o'clock that we arrived at the Ravne Tunnels. The K2 had been on my mind since daybreak and I just had to see it before I went back 'home' to Sarajevo. The guides had just closed the entry and were ready to call it a day. A group of 3 women showed up. Wijnand started a conversation with them, while I was sharing my experiences with one of the guides. What he found out was that they were friends with one of the guides, who was willing to bring us to the K2, so we could have a private moment to meditate. He arrived within minutes, looked me deep into my eyes and raised his thumb. I was approved, and so were Wijnand and Fikreta. So together with the 3 ladies; Anita, Sharon and Ljljana, we made our tour through the tunnels.

There ain't many places on Earth so familiar to me as the tunnels. I started walking faster and faster, and pointed out some places where other tunnels are still to be found. Our guide just knotted his head, confirming my words. As soon as we approached the K2 I fell down on my knees. FINALLY! I places my hands on the enormous megalith. An intense energy surge went through my body. I started canalising an energy that was cleansing the collective emotional field I was told by my guides. It took me about 10 minutes of Divine Breathing balancing the energetics. Melchizedek told me to put my third eye in between my hands. It was as if I was sucked into the stone. It took minutes before I was able to let go.

As soon as I stood up, I looked at the megalith and saw the 'seat' I was supposed to sit in. It is an ingrained part in the stone. I sat down, and places my hands next to me on the K2. Within a second the huge Blue Diamond Skull appeared before my eyes. I started a conversation with the skull and asked him to help me anchor the Blue Diamond Grid on Earth. And to anchor the energy of the Blue Diamond Ray into the 2 rivers floating below the K2. As all waters on Earth are connected, it would be possible in that way to spread this vibe of Love, Peace and Oneness Consciousness all around the globe, for the Highest Good of All that Is.

Within a few seconds I had a strong Kundalini sensation running up and down my spine, and I felt a presence behind my back. I had to focus to be able to speak and whispered to Wijnand: "Wijnand, I feel a presence behind my back, please see if you can capture it." I expected him to make a photo. Maybe an orb would appear. He had captured them on photo on several occasions. But instead he started filming. And the unexpected took place. The Blue Diamond Ray was captured on film. On 3 different cameras that was. (Just for the sceptics amongst us, who might want to think that it was just a reflection of the lamp hanging above the megalith. Or maybe just for me, cause after all the lightwork I have done over the years, I didn't expect this to happen, although there was already this sense of something significant that was about to happen.) It was a transmission that lasted for 15 minutes.

Be welcome to watch the footage now and feel from your heart what happened on September 7th 2012.

I think it is essential to mention that this Blue Diamond Ray is a Pleiadian Ray of Light. Jesus, Mohamed, Gandhi and other prophets incarnated on this Divine Ray of Light, bringing love, peace, equality and a higher level of consciousness to the people. I think it is important for all of us to realise that on the 21th of December 2012 the world isn't ending. Our new world is beginning. A world beyond manipulation, distortion, separation, poverty, sickness, fear, pain, and suffering. No more divide and rule! Oneness will lead the way into our common future!

We ARE the Ones we've been waiting for. We Are the Creators! Let us create this new world of Oneness NOW! For we Are ONE, so let's act like it!

May I just thank my team ones more? Thank you Fikreta, thank you Anita, thank you Sharon, thank you Ljljana, thank you Ahmir, thank you Wijnand! Thank you my beloved brother Sam Semir Osmanagic, for your guts and your glory! For your alignment, your hard work and your determination! Bless you!

And above all, thank you Spirit, for transforming me into this hollow vessel of Light, willing and able to canalise your Love and Blessings!

And thank you All, whoever you Are, for your share in this Global Ascension! Bless you all! Namaste!

For those who want to be in contact with me, here is my contact information: 
Jolanda Klaassen
Email: [email protected]
Website: /
Facebook van Projects of Light
Telephone: 0031-6-282 40 676

For those who want to join us on our next Pilgrimage to the Heart of Bosnia, visit the Valley of the Pyramids, the Ravne Tunnels and a lot of other power spots in the area, incl. guided tours daily by luxurious touring car, activations, a workshop and lecture, private sessions and more, please send us an email and we will send you the itinerary for our group journey from May 20th till May 31st 2013.

September 7th 2012, Ravne Tunnels, Visoko, Bosnië & Herzegovina


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