Catalonia to defy Spain | Declare independence next week

De vlag van Catalonië

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(Anti Media) Spain’s Constitutional Court does not appear to be having much luck stopping an imminent Catalan declaration of independence.

After ruling on Thursday that the regional parliament won’t be allowed to meet on Monday to declare independence, Catalonia looks to be doing an end around: they’re going to make the announcement Tuesday.

Spain has been struggling to find roadblocks to put in the way of the independence declaration by Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, but suspending a Monday session that was never even officially announced appears to have been useless. Catalan officials say Puigdemont will be addressing parliament Tuesday at 6 p.m., and MPs are expecting he’ll be submitting the declaration to the assembly at the time.

Catalan MPs say the text of the declaration is still being debated, but that at this point there’s no reason to expect any further delays. Spanish courts are unlikely to have time to try to block another session of parliament before it takes place.

Catalan voters overwhelmingly approved secession over the weekend, and a violent crackdown by Spanish police has only added to calls to quickly split from Spain. Spanish officials insist the referendum didn’t count because the courts forbade it. Catalonia’s leaders, however, maintain that the vote was valid and will stand.

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