Vaxxed stories: A life destroyed by gardasil

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(ForbiddenKnowledgeTV) A film crew associated with the Independent film, ‘VaxXed’ has been touring the country during its grassroots theatrical distribution campaign. This is their presentation of the unconscionable story of Colton from Orem, Utah.

At 13, Colton was extremely active in motocross and in many other sports when he was administered Gardasil by his family doctor. Gardasil is the vaccine developed by the €11.4B German pharmaceutical giant, Merck to protect against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

This virus causes genital warts and it’s long been linked to cervical cancer (although a recent study denies this link). The vaccine was originally developed for girls but it was soon approved to be administered to boys, ostensibly to prevent the spread of this sexually transmitted disease (STD) and ultimately, to curtail cases of cervical cancer.

Shortly after receiving the first of three injections, Colton became completely paralyzed, when his spinal cord became massively inflamed. His partial paralysis is permanent. He requires a respirator to breathe and a neck brace to keep his head from falling over.

There have been over 200 serious injuries, like Colton’s associated with Gardasil and several deaths. While Colton maintains a surprisingly positive attitude in the face of his personal tragedy he is angry that this drug is still being administered to millions of children annually.

Camera and editing by Joshua Coleman.

Source: ForbiddenKnowledgeTV, Vaxxed TV

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