Save the link: A massive response to the European commission's link tax plans


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(Openmedia) Check out this thought-provoking analysis by EU Reputation of how the European Commission ran away from public concerns about the Link Tax.

After lengthy consultations and two European Parliament reports, the European Commission has finally announced its proposal to reform copyright in the EU. Copyright in the EU is one of the key reform to be driven to create a Digital Single Market, one of the high political priority for the European Commission. The proposal aims at modernizing the existing framework by updating related reproduction and distribution rights and communications with the public.

The announcement has been preceded and followed by fierce opposition and debate, particularly on Twitter via the hashtag “#SaveTheLink.” The #SaveTheLink campaign was launched by OpenMedia in 2015 to address the issue of ancillary rights, which could force service providers to pay fees to publishers for linking to original content” According to OpenMedia, this could reduce the quantity of information easily accessible on the internet and could have an impact on how links are shared.

Key points

–       There are two online movements around the #SaveTheLink hashtag: a popular one , drained by the OMF and fed with over 3,000 tweets by grassroot activists and citizens, and a political one, led by four members of European Parliament, Julia Reda, Marietje Schaake, Brando Benifei, and Daniel Dalton.

Read more at New Europe

On September 14, the EU Commission tabled some of the worst copyright rules in the world. These include unprecedented new Link Tax powers for publishing giants. The EU Commission has officially released
some of the worst copyright laws in the world, including unprecedented new Link Tax
powers for publishing giants.

Earlier today, the Commission presented these new rules to the world. Over the past few weeks, leaks suggested the rules were worse than originally feared, and today’s announcement proved it. We have to stop this now.

Despite opposition from over 100,000  Internet users and dozens of other advocacy groups, the EU Commission has charged ahead with its wrong-headed plan. This will affect Internet users around the world.

But we can fight back and win. Share these hard-hitting social media images on Twitter and Facebook today!

We can’t let this stand. Call on EU decision makers to stop the Link Tax now. 

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Links censureren maakt internet kapot.
Links zijn belangrijk voor de vrijheid van mening online en experts waarschuwen dat links censureren een einde zal maken aan het internet zoals we het nu kennen.

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Source: Openmedia, Save the link

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