Ebo-Lie | Exclusive interview with a man in Ghana reveals the truth about Ebola

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(Spirit Science and metaphysics | Steven Bancarz) A few months ago, a lot of talk was made about Ebola being a conspiracy. The 15 million in grants given by the US to develop ebola detection kits back in 2009, the patenting of the virus in 2009, the $140 million dollar ebola vaccine contract signed two months before the major outbreak, and the crisis acting caught on video all added up to the conclusion that something fishy was going on. I put together a YouTube video which contains all of the evidence supporting that Ebola is a conspiracy, which can be found at the end of this article.

But the point of this article is not to establish that Ebola is a conspiracy. It is to give the world an inside look into the life and mind of a West-African who can tell us what is actually going on there from a first-hand account.

I have been fortunate to be in direct contact with a man living in Ghana, a neighbour country of Liberia where the Ebola outbreak occurred. His name is Nana Kwame, and he wrote a Facebook note a while back on how Ebola was a conspiracy which ended up going viral. It got passed around some blogs, including this website, and I decided to reach out to him personally. We had been messaging back and forth for a while, and he agreed to do an interview with me.

So here is an exclusive interview between myself and a West-African civilian who shares his side of the Ebola story from the geographic heart of the outbreak:

Steven Bancarz: Just to summarize for those who have not read your Facebook note, why is it that you believe Ebola is a conspiracy? Why is the US so obsessed with curing a virus in West-Africa? Why don’t you believe that this is just another virus that emerged naturally?

Nana Kwame: “I as well as many others believe that Ebola is a hoax due to several inconsistencies in the media portrayals and the accounts of West Africans in the affected countries. There are several videos that point out falsehoods in what the media has provided as evidence of the outbreak. One of the most obvious is the video supposedly taken in front of JFK Memorial Hospital in Monrovia depicting a boy who was supposedly dying of Ebola. One can easily do a Google Earth search for the JFK Memorial Hospital in Monrovia and see that the video was NOT taken at this hospital. Also from my experience living among West Africans it is evident that the boy in the video was perfectly healthy, albeit he probably looks thin to the average individual; and that his acting was completely unbelievable. Looking 'thin' is not a symptom of Ebola. Slowly sliding off the bed in an ambulance is not a symptom of Ebola. These are views shared by a great deal of Africans and I would actually challenge everyone to watch this video and walk away with the same opinion of Ebola.

Ebola hoax 2014 - Africans know it’s a hoax + some bad acting

Furthermore there is the absence of any Ebola-like symptoms which include profuse bleeding from every mucous membrane and orifice of the body. You may have already noticed the absence of any such photo or video evidence, but if you have not I implore you to search for some. There is also the rate of spread which is not consistent with Ebola nor with any other pathogen that spreads from person-to-person. The CDC website confirms that over the course of 9 months there have been just over 9,000 infections and 4000 deaths across the four affected countries. This averages to less than 125 deaths per month in each country. How could this be a pathogen, with such a slow spread rate in the most densely populated part of Africa? Also how could it be considered an epidemic, with such a low death rate? Adding further to the skepticism among West Africans was the recent announcement that Nigeria was declared Ebola-free. How could this be possible? The most densely populated country becomes Ebola-free when three bordering countries supposedly remain affected and there is no cure? Unless we are being misled, these things do not add up.

Also as it has been witnessed in the affected countries the sickness has so far only appeared in places where the Red Cross has appeared first, and in response to this trend several villages within the affected nations have begun preventing Ebola Workers from entering their villages by any means necessary including destroying bridges that lead in and out of their villages. Of course the mainstream media reports this as ‘savage Africans attacking their benevolent Western saviors’, but in fact what West Africans are saying holds more credibility in this scenario for several reasons.

African Nations have, in recent history, openly accepted Western help in all areas of medicine, education, development and AID; so why all of a sudden reject Ebola workers unless they have legitimate reason to believe they are causing harm? There are a great deal more reasons that I can go into without ever getting into the obvious greed of the U.S. and the historical patterns of such media-hyped events used to seize newly discovered resources in African regions such as Rwanda, the Congo, Sudan, and many others. Not to mention the 7,000 troops currently deployed to West Africa were not sent with protective wear which indicates either an admission that there is nothing being spread, or a blatant disregard for the health of the soldiers. I believe it is the former, but if it were the latter, and the US doesn’t care about the health of its own troops – then how believable is it that they are legitimately concerned with the health of West Africans. I suppose this is a good stopping point in thoroughly answering the question without writing a whole new article.”

SB: Do you believe any other viruses or diseases (such as AIDS) have been spread or allowed to spread in Africa on purpose? If so, why?

NK: “I personally do not believe that the West will risk the creation or release of a virus that could potentially spread to anyone they do not intend to infect. It is much easier and less dangerous to convince people to poison themselves with something you have convinced them that they need. Those who are not intended to be infected, need only be taught better than to take the vaccines, treatments, medications, foods etc. You mentioned AIDS, which like the current Ebola outbreak, is not a virus and is not spread person to person – but that is another subject. With regard to diseases in general, sicknesses, poisons and the like, the answer is a resounding YES. The US has Bio-warfare laboratories all over West Africa and these facilities are used to develop poisons and experiment with bacteria and viruses. Why else would they have these facilities? And why else would they choose to have them located in West Africa if not to test their formulas on the continent? Could these facilities not be just as easily located in the US if their purpose was not directly related to the African continent? I would recommend the article below for additional information on these facilities.”

US bio-warfare laboratories in west Africa are the origins of the Ebola epidemic

SB: There have been numerous reports in mainstream media talking about how the aids workers have been attacked and even killed because the people believe they are making them sick. Is the belief that Ebola is a conspiracy widespread in your country? How popular is this belief in West-Africa right now? What is the general consensus of the population?

NK: “I touched on this subject in the beginning, but yes these reports detail actual events of Ebola workers being attacked. The belief that Ebola is a hoax is widespread, but it is not unanimous among all West Africans. At this time I cannot say there is a general consensus in either direction, but there is a rapidly growing distrust of the entire international “intervention”. More and more high profile West Africans such as professors and scientists are coming forward with similar conclusions and testimonies, and as a result more people are beginning to rethink what is actually happening. Many who are on the fence with their gut doubts, come down off the fence when they are exposed to explanations that make more sense than what they have previously been hearing.

As of now it is a very popular belief that the intentions of the nations who are intervening are not as benevolent as they claim to be; however again it is not unanimous. Just as in the Western world, there are many West Africans who watch TV and take what it reports at face value. As such there is the same basic conflict between those who have faith in the media, and those who are more skeptical. For instance, when the TV reports that Ebola workers are being attacked because Liberians don’t know any better – some people will believe that, while others will become angered and insulted at such a notion and begin to doubt the entire epidemic. When someone like Professor Helen Lauer from the University of Ghana releases an article calling the outbreak a cover for an invasion, it also sways a lot of people.”

University of Ghana Professor Helen Lauer calls out the Ebola scare as a tool for drug profits and U.S. Military Invasion

SB: A report in Scientific American said that millions of Ebola vaccine doses will be ready by the end of 2015, and a quarter million will be ready to be administered in May. What do you expect to come from the administration of these vaccines? Do you anticipate that Ebola will continue to spread in Africa throughout next year?

NK: “What I expect to come from the vaccines is death, plain and simple. More of the exact same thing that is being experienced right now – death after injection. What is killing people is not Ebola. This sickness, however will continue to spread (via injection) until the Red Cross and the other World Health Organization subsidiaries are removed from West Africa. This removal was already taking place at the hands of local residents prior to the arrival of Western troops. These troops are now preventing the locals from evicting the Red Cross and WHO. As such unless the world comes to it senses and stops supporting this military invasion, the troops will stay and the sickness will continue to be injected into the people.”

SB: How close to home has the outbreak been for you? Have you personally seen any Red Cross workers, US military troops or aids workers? Have you seen anyone infected with Ebola? Is there hysteria and panic spread through the streets? Or are people just carrying on with their daily lives? We are totally oblivious as to what daily life in an infected country is like, so I was hoping you could provide us with a brief description of what you have personally experienced so far and how life has changed since the outbreak.

NK: “Well Ghana is not one of the affected countries, we are simply in the same region (West Africa) and as Ghana is the “Gateway to the Homeland” there are millions of Nigerians, Liberians, and countless other West Africans who have moved to Ghana for opportunities and peace but remain connected to their family and friends back home. As such we are a very interconnected region. For perspective, imagine you live in Illinois, and someone tells you that people who are in Wisconsin are eating each other. You may not live in Wisconsin, but you are in the same geographical region, and with all of the Wisconsinites who live in Illinois and their connections to their families back home – you would certainly know in Illinois, whether or not people in Wisconsin were actually eating each other.

So as Ghana is not one of the affected countries we do not have Red Cross workers, US military troops or AID workers here. We have no Ebola infections and no hysteria in the streets. Daily life goes on as usual in Ghana. However in the affected countries there are several things going on, but I wouldn’t describe much of it as 'hysteria'. The most visible movement in the streets is the massive 'Ebola is real' campaign sponsored by the West which is taking place in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The only events I would describe as 'hysteria' or perhaps 'commotion' is the people who are being forcibly quarantined against their will, and the incident of the hospital in Liberia that was attacked by locals who wanted to 'free Ebola patients' who they suspected were healthy people being subjected to blood-harvesting experiments. This was also briefly covered in the first video I referenced. However as far as Ghana is concerned the only noticeable difference is the difficulty in accessing funds to combat real problems, unless the requests are related or attached to vaccination requests. This was covered in Professor Helen Lauer’s article referenced above.”

SB: Ebola bioweapons research has been federally funded in the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, and has received fifteen million in ebola research funding from the US since 2007. This hospital was one of the ones to get attacked and was actually shut down during the outbreak as reported in Nature. A liberian scientist has recently claimed that this hospital is responsible for manufacturing and spreading the virus. Have you heard anything about this hospital? Do you suspect that US funded ebola bioterrorism research in Sierra Leone is responsible for the outbreak of the virus?

NK: “Yes, as covered above however I would again stress that the words 'outbreak' and 'virus' are used loosely”

SB: The mainstream media over here makes it seem as though the United States is the benevolent hero. Most people have only gotten information about the outbreak from propaganda machines like CNN, BBC, and FOX. The people who haven’t heard anything except what is coming from their TV may think you’re crazy, are doing this for attention, or are just fear-mongering. “What bullshit.  How could anybody believe such non-sense?” What do you have to say to these people who think you’re crazy and choose to believe everything they hear coming from their television?

NK: “You can give all the information in the world – but you cannot make a person think. What I would say to those who are willing to think, is this. Think about who has something to gain, and who has nothing to gain. What do Africans have to gain by kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and lying about the origin of the sickness? Conversely what does the West have to gain by convincing the world that Ebola is running rampant and responding with military action? If you take a second to think about that simple question, in addition to all the evidence that exists, and the lack of evidence supporting 'Ebola' then the answer becomes clear. Africans have nothing to gain by lying about something like this.”

SB: If you could tell the US president Barack Obama one thing, what would it be?

NK: “I could not tell president Barack Obama a single thing that he does not already know. As such I would not waste the effort. President Obama’s assault on Africa has been ongoing and relentless since Libya. In fact if I could say something to Obama it would not be a statement, but a question:

How does it feel to go to sleep every night knowing that you are hailed as the first 'Black President'; and to simultaneously know that you are the first and only US President to ever drop bombs on Africa?”

SB: What do you suspect will happen in the US with Ebola? Do you think the plan is to have it spread back here?

NK: “I agree with a statement made by musician Prince Vega who recently released an article covering this exact subject. As he stated, “As soon as Americans fall for Ebola, their government will manufacture it there." So far we have seen several attempts to get a national fear campaign started including reported infections in the largest cities in America including Dallas and New York. So far though, these reports have been poorly executed and left many unanswered questions and therefore much skepticism. As such they have not successfully convinced the majority of people, but they are still working on it. The idea is not to spread 'Ebola' in the US. The idea is to spread the fear of Ebola so that people flock to receive the treatment. Same as Africa.”

SB: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Any last remarks or closing statements? What do you want the world to know?

NK: “The current outbreak of 'Ebola' is a lie and a cover for a military invasion, resource theft and African land-grab. When you see an event such as this unfolding in the media, think about who has something to gain, and once you get on the trail – follow the money. Learn to make friends with people in different countries. Learn to look at things from a global perspective and not a one-sided view from the news. Lastly, learn to trust Africans when it comes to what is going on in Africa. Too often African voices go unheard, and even when heard they too often go ignored. The article that I wrote is important not just because it exposes Ebola; but more importantly because it contains a compilation of the views and opinions of everyday African people that are, for a change, being heard by millions . Usually only “official” opinions repeated by the media, or statements from African 'politicians' receive such recognition. This must change.

Ask yourself: If I wanted to know something about you, who would you rather I ask? You? Or someone else who lives on the other side of the ocean from you, and who has also done many terrible things to you over the years? Who would give me a more accurate answer? Think of these things when America (CNN) or Britain (BBC) begins reporting something about Africa, and Africa is saying something different. Please do not donate to any 'Stop Ebola' campaigns. This money will only be used to support this military invasion and media smear campaign. Donations also serve as an indication of just how many people have fallen for this ruse. A large influx of donations, therefore will give the 'OK' to proceed to the next phase, knowing that many people are in agreement. If you truly want to help West Africa, do whatever you can do to call those troops back home. You cannot fight a 'sickness' with bullets. In the absence of troops, West African nations should be left with the choice to either accept the Red Cross’ 'help', or to proceed with removing the Red Cross and WHO which they were doing on their own. Even if there were benevolent intentions behind these organizations, no sovereign nation should be required to accept assistance from another, under the threat of military force.

Thank you for taking interest in what I have to say, and for your time.”

It’s kind of hard to claim objectivity on what is happening on another continent when the only information we have been exposed to comes from corporate news stations that have a history of spreading propaganda. But now we have a more direct account of what is actually going on. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Here is a video capturing all of the evidence that Ebola is a conspiracy:

Source: Spirit Science and metaphysics

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