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More than a pipeline

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(Robert Bridgeman) After months of editing the film More than a pipeline is almost finished! Lex Olthof and Robert Bridgeman spent hours and hours in the studio in the Netherlands and our composer John Akerman Özgüç is working on the music as we speak from Canada.


The film is about 500 years of suppression of the First Nations by the American Government and how the situation at Standing Rock is the next chapter in this ongoing genocide.

The film is about the pipeline, corporates and banks. About the genocide (from the Wounded Knee massacre until today), about the veterans, the role of the women, the power of prayer, The Horn and the rise of the Great Sioux Nation. It tells the true story behind Standing Rock.


The story is told by interviews with Water protectors, headsman of the Oceti Sakowin and other stakeholders. The story goes from the start of the violence in September 2016 until the raids of the camps in Februari 2017.


More than a pipeline is filmed for the support of the Great Sioux Nation and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their quest against DAPL. Furthermore the film serves to create more awareness for the genocide of the First Nations in the US the past 500 years.


The production is 100% non profit. We will ask for a small contribution to download it. With this money we will pay the direct costs for editing, music, marketing, PR, website, hardware and travelling expenses. All remaining income will be donated to the Great Sioux Nation in their support.


We expect to release in May! We have chosen to release on the Internet through our website

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