Will India save the world from the Pharmaceutical Industry?

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(Golden age of Gaia) Given the enormous power of the pharmaceutical industry and the obscure nature of many of the issues involved, we could see drug prices continue to soar indefinitely, as the pharmaceutical industry takes an ever larger share of the family and government budget. But recent events in India offer hope. 

Last year India’s Supreme Court rejected Novartis’ patent on the cancer drug Gleevec, which sells for $80,000 a year in the United States. A high quality Indian generic version sells for $1,000. The Indian court ruled that Gleevec didn’t qualify for a patent because it was a combination drug, which used pre-existing chemicals rather than developing a new molecule. Last week India’s patent office argued in the similar vein in rejecting a patent for Abraxane, another cancer drug.

If India persists in making patents difficult to obtain it will threaten the U.S. drug industry’s business model. It will not be possible to sell drugs in the United States for $100,000 if the same drugs are available in India for $1,000, or even less. Either the Indian drugs will come here or the people will go there. Such enormous price differentials are not sustainable.

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