Genetically Modified Society: Operation Paul Revere

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(Before it's News) This video is the entry in the Infowars 'Operation Paul Revere' contest from YouTube videographer dutchsinse and it explores the very real and horrifying ‘human experiment’ going on right now upon you and I and all of us with the very real weather modification and genetically modified foods.

Michael Janitch (Dutch) and executive producer Julio N. Rausseo bring us a fascinating look into the new ‘mad science’ being practiced upon humanity, without humanity’s permission nor approval, while most Americans remain clueless about this ‘mad science experiment’ even happening.

Julio Rausseo traveled across the United States the past few months… from Washington DC to California…. from Chicago to Texas… seeking answers to several hot button issues.

Asking professionals, and activists, about genetically modified foods (GMO’s), the ever elusive topic of “climate change”, and weather modification.

He was able to ask questions of ( and get answers from) the Council on Foreign Relations, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack , NWS director Dr. Louis W. Uccellini, Storm Prediction Center Director Russell Schneider, PhD. , ADC President Dr. Rosalind Peterson, mulitple professors, researchers, and several activists.


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