"Imperium" Top documentary exposes dark underworld of child sex trafficking


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(Want to know USA) This very well documented exposé on child sex trafficking rings leading to the highest levels is an absolute must watch. It will help you to understand why our world is so crazy.

Below the documentary is a written description of key segments presented and an abundance of reliable footnotes to major media articles and other key sources further confirming these cases.

You may feel uncomfortable with the level of intense corruption in high places you discover, but please ask yourself, would you rather know, or close your eyes and pretend everything is all right? If nothing else, do it for the countless children who have suffered.

Please share this highly important video with your friends and colleagues so that we can all join together to stop the craziness and build a kinder, more compassionate world. Thanks for caring.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and WantToKnow.info
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

Note: To first get a taste of the documentary, watch the three-minute trailer available here.

Part 2: Though not as powerful as Part 1, Part 2 of "Imperium" has some excellent evidence on matters of which few are aware. You can watch Part 2 on this webpage.

Supporting Documentation

Divided into five segments, the first part of "Imperium" largely uses stock footage from major media sources to present its case. Serious investigations into major child sex trafficking rings around the world are shown to have been blocked by police, judges, and even politicians at high levels of government. Solid written documentation supporting segments of the documentary is presented below.

Much of the information below comes from the incredibly revealing online book Lifting the Veil, which dives further into intense corruption at the highest levels. The plentiful footnotes listed are from this book, so the footnote numbers don't start from the beginning. Footnotes are listed before the text, so that you can see the quality of sources. To further understand all that is going on in this world, don't miss this excellent book, which may be the best summary ever written on the powerful, hidden forces which greatly affect our world.

Part 1: Belgium — The Dutroux affair

Part 2: Lithuania — The Neringa case

Part 3: The United Kingdom — BBC and much more

Part 4: Kendall — Presented on the TV show Dr. Phil

Part 5: The Republican Party — The Franklin affair

Click here fore footnotes and more info

Source: wanttoknow.info

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