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(Miles Johnston) This is the vitally important concluding talk by Harald. Here Harald connects the dots on the line of the Black Goo and how a technology transfer to allow us the technology to create computers, an alien based type of computer, not one of terrestrial viability, was seeded to us, so we would make what we have today Goo-gle's world wide web.

With our television and communications systems now in full control of an Artificial Intelligence, or AI, this series of conclusions that Harald gives is a conclusions to what has been given in Bases 45, with Cara St Louis, and Bases 46 with Harald, and the Woodborough micro conference lectures in June, and In the context of Peter Paget's Bases 48 data "We don't have much 'now' left".

The sole reason Harald returned only five weeks after the Woodborough micro-conference on June 20th, was to engage in Sarah Adams, who is accessing the AI created and which assimilated our ancient ancestors, which Paget refers to. Sarah and Max also spoke at this conference on Day 3, and used Lloyd Canning's paintings to illustrate how even this art is being used to access alien intelligences. All showed up during the conference, which Mirjam Janse was finding out in the private implant scans being done during this and other lectures at St John's Theatre on the Hill, Marlborough Aug 1st 2015. Harald was in considerable danger from the massive octoforms which made their presence felt at the event.

Source: Miles Johnston, Bob Kukler

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