Anthem to yoga music video - Pluggin into the source - Peruquois

Plugging into the Source - Peruquois

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(Peruquois) This deeply inspiring and uplifting anthem to yoga music video devoted to all people practicing yoga, meditation, sacred dance! Yoga music themed funky song is hailing people practicing meditation and yoga - Plugging into the Source combines touching song, sensational footage and excellent cast!

Vocal Yoga creator Peruquois recorded this yoga music themed song in Los Angeles with incredible Heather Holley, filmed in India with a cast of amazing actors/dancers including Bolshoi theatre ballerina, french illusionist/magician, russian model-dancer and actress, dance trio, camels, cows, horses and more...

Whether you practice yoga, listening music for your soul or relaxation, do meditation or sacred dance this music video is for you.

Watch, comment and share this video with your yoga practicing friends. More about Peruquois -

Filmed by Yury Lvov:

To all lovers of music by great mantra singers like Deva Premal and Miten, Snatam Kaur, Sacred Earth, Krishna Das,

Chorus 1

Pluggin into the source
Sets my mind free
Pluggin into the source
To feel that primal force
Pluggin into the source
To fill up my body
Pluggin into the source
To make myself happy

Chorus 2

Pluggin into the source
in that hour of power
Pluggin into the source
To feel that primal force
Pluggin into the source
Before the sunrise
Pluggin into the source
Makes me feel so alive

When I breath


Now I'm a woman of heart
But when I lose my source
I am crazy
I think you know what i mean
Can't get it right with my hair
Don't know what to wear
Don't know how to move
Pacify it with food
Sarcy and ironical
Self-doubting and critical
It ain't really me

Then I plug back into the source
What a beautiful dive
I laugh at myself
I laugh at my silly mind

Bridge 2

We all got confused
When we started to use
High technology
Thought it'd set us free
Without any moderation
We loosing sensation
We loosing touch with reality

Gotta get free gotta get free gotta get free

Source: Peruquois

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