The whole truth about whole foods

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This shocking exposé by Mike Adams, we discover that Whole Foods, aka "Whole paycheck" is selling fairy tales and should probably be sued by the FTC under the Truth in Advertising clause.
Previously a fan of the organic grocery store chain, Adams has was shocked to discover in his own laboratory experiments high levels of heavy metals, all kinds of pesticides, pollutants and GMOs in Whole Foods' products.

Michael Allen “Mike” Adams a.k.a. The Health Ranger (born 1969 or 1967 in Lawrence, KS) is publisher of Natural News (formerly News Target) which promotes alternative health and natural lifestyle products online.

He is an ardent anti-biotech, pro-organic advocate who claims biotech scientists “are the most despicable humanoids to walk the face of this planet” and that they promote corporate “junk science” and are anti-human.[1]

In what Adams calls ‘murder by science’ if the precautionary principle is not observed, he warns that GMOs are a risk to all life that will cause ‘ecocide’ across the plant if allowed to be released.


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