The Energy Crisis - Rap news 22

energy crisis

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(Earth Matters) Erg leuke Rap over onze energie- en bewustzijncrisis,  waarin erg veel van wat er allemaal speelt wordt doorgenomen.

(RAP NEWS 22 [S02:E02]) Like many others who preceded us, our "civilisation" faces an Energy Crisis of megawattic proportions, which threatens to bring an end to our brief joyride. But our dirty little secret is seldom mentioned in the news, let alone connected to economic instability or to environmental effects on our planet. It falls to Robert Foster to brin. this topic back into the fore of our consciousness, where he conducts an incisive analysis of the situation to see what solutions are out there to deal with peak energy. Join your ever-curious anchor as he invites a panoply of guests - the great, the good, the bizarre, and the downright trollsome - along to share their solutions to this crisis. In the end, the shift required might have to be psychological as well as technological. Enjoy the ride, fellow children of the industrial revolution. 

Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a suburban backyard home studio in Melbourne, Australia, ­on Wurundjeri Land. 


BEAT: "Intro" by TunnA Beatz (can we insert a link to the instrumental? As TunnA)
Copernicus theme composed by Adrian Sergovich
Thanks to Ming Lang for so incredible acting performance as Wai So Dim, and for again providing the voice of Tony Abbott. And to Zoë Umlaut for Virgin flight attendant support to Mr. Branson.
Animations by Rap News fx-­wizard, Jonas Schweizer - aka Kookybone 
Terrence Moonseed alien weapon animation by Reuben Braithwaite
Images by Photoshop ninja Zoe Tame:
Make­-up courtesy of Rosie Dunlop
Props to Zoë Umlaut from Umlautronics for creating props and to Gilles Gundermann for providing all of the Copernicus props.
Thanks also to: Dave Rawlinson for the many conversations about EROEI graphs, peak oil and economic recession! Tim Parish for photography and behind the scenes shootage. Lucy Cahill and Damian Tapley for invaluable shoot assistance. 
Costumes and wigs styled and provided by the awesome people down at Rose Chong
Keystone XL animation:
Creative Commons attributions for sound effects: jesabat (steam), Tomlija (water gushing), Roper1911 (shipboard-railgun), Vartioh (sci-fi impacts effects)
Thanks to Koolfy from for creating the sync'd English captions for all our episodes, available on the multilingual version (insert url here)
All acting by Hugo, Giordano & Ming
All vox (except Tony Abbott) by Hugo
Video and music editing by Giordano

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