18-12-2016 | Workshop | Elisa Namasté: Feel the magic of your heart

Elisa Namaste

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(Agenda item | Elisa Namasté) Feel the magic of your heart! With activating meditation to open your third eye, feeling your intuition and allow yourself to hear the voice of your heart. Even on the cloudy days you will see the positive perspective and your own greatness. Just take the next step inside and let us do it together. Let others help you on your journey. That is the focus of Elisa's next workshop.

Elisa is clairvoyant, a healer and intuitive speaker. Elisa was born with these abilities and is only 25 years old. She never watches TV, reads books and doesn't know really much as she says, but has an answer to everything. "Not knowing and knowing everything lies very close together. If there is a question, the answer is shown within myself. I see it and feel it."

Location: the "hunebed" in Noordlaren (a place near Groningen with lots of positive energies) 

Date and time: December 18th 2016 from 13:00 - 16:00.

Price: € 50. 

Sign up: lysetiditindre@gmail.com

The event will be outside so bring warm clothes. 

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We kunnen leven zonder religie en meditatie, maar we kunnen niet overleven zonder menselijke genegenheid.

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