Annual report on Canadian UFO sightings released

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(Coast to Coast) A UFO research group in Canada have released their exhaustive annual analysis of sightings reported in the country over the last year.

According to the findings, there were a whopping 1,131 UFO reports in Canada during 2016 with the province of Quebec accounting for nearly 40 percent of the events.

One particularly interesting aspect of this year's report is that only 4% of the cases from 2016 were deemed 'unexplainable,' which is the lowest that figure has been since the survey began back in 1989.

Researcher Chris Rutkowski, who produces the report, attributed the low percentage to improved analysis techniques which allowed for otherwise baffling cases to be solved.

Another intriguing insight included in the 2016 compendium is that an inexplicable single point of light was far and away the most popular 'shape' reported by witnesses, constituting a mammoth 57% of UFO reports.

Although the report focuses on UFO sightings, it also includes a handful of close encounters which are truly remarkable.

Among the alien experiences documented in the report are a man who claimed that a six-foot-tall white alien appeared in his bedroom and vanished through a wall as well as a witness who met "three green, big-eyed humanoid creatures who communicated with him telepathically."

The complete 2016 report on Canadian UFO sightings can be found here.

Source: CTV News

Article source: Coast to Coast

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