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(ANP | Jeff Fitchett) What does one do when a person realizes that nothing is as it seems? Logically speaking, the immediate response is that a grieving process begins. It is a lot to comprehend learning that our society is shaped and controlled by nefarious means. I found myself questioning my own observations. Am I correct? Why do other people not see what I'm seeing? How can this be?  

Zen Gardner wrote in his article, Suits, Costumes and the Mask of Uniformity; "What’s been pre-programmed into the human psyche seeks affirmation." "That’s the nature of the game we’ve been dropped into." "Waking up to that reality takes some guts and determination but it’s happening on a massive scale despite the truth blockade and deliberate media and geopolitical insanity." It is true that a person who is not awake will require a constant flow of conditioning in order to maintain their state of slumber. Reality is much different looking when compared the facade that the media and establishment depict.

One of the best examples of the facade is the belief that the United States of America is the beacon for freedom and democracy. From an outsiders perspective it is clear as day that the constitution is dead. It no longer exists. The masses within the US do not realize this fact. Dr Paul Craig Roberts wrote a must read article titled; Does The United States Still Exist? If you are of the mindset that the US constitution is still intact please stop reading this article and read Dr Roberts' article before continuing on. A constant barrage of buzz words, phrases and entitlement benefits are required to keep the fallacy alive and the majority of the population docile and under control. A small minority of awakened people know that the US is a tyranny.

What to do?  

Examine your own life. How tied to the system are you? Money is one of the most obvious tools used by the establishment. Money is debt. Debt equates to serfdom. From my point of view, it is imperative to get out of debt.  Anyone who is in debt knows the feeling of not being able to get off the treadmill that is the daily grind. Make this a priority

At this point in time, it should be obvious to anyone who is observing the world around them that economic conditions are precarious to say the least.  Author Lisa Bedford (aka The Survival Mom), posted an interesting article titled; 65 Pieces of Survival Wisdom from the Great Depression. She mentioned that; "Banks closed quickly and without giving any notice."  "You never knew ahead of time when your own banks would close its doors."  "Back in those days, banks were revered." "It never occurred to anyone that a bank could close and their money would be gone forever." Today, we find ourselves in a situation that is magnitudes worse than back in the 1930's.  It makes sense to 'de-risk' any wealth that you have accumulated.  In the documentary, The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime, it is absolutely clear that the law favours Wall Street fraud over protecting the average Joe on the street. Our life savings is not protected by government insurance plans or the justice system. It is a gamble to put faith in a financial system that is rigged and manipulated.  

As the times get harder there will be more physical demand put upon our bodies.  Our way of life has been outsourced so to speak.  Most Western nations no longer produce the goods required for maintaining our daily life.  Here in Canada, over 70% of our food is imported.  Manufacturing has been outsourced to lower wage jurisdictions and the trade flow back and forth is conducted within the confines of extremely complex distribution systems.  From a macro-economic point of view, the world is about to get a whole lot smaller.  Local economies will be required to maintain the lives of most people. Mathematically, Western nations cannot sustain their standard of living using debt.  My point is, we need to improve our own health to a point where we will be able to handle making things again, growing food and repairing the items we rely upon.  Our health care system is not sustainable.  It is extremely important that each of us strive to improve our own health.

Knowledge is paramount. I would rather know what is going on and take steps to prepare myself for the immense changes that are taking place right now.  There are communities of people who troubleshoot, share ideas and help with preparing for change. Tap into the vast network of resources that are readily available online. From there, the world is your oyster. The truth will set you free.

All and all, as you go down the rabbit hole, things start to make much more sense.  The web of deception is very large. Action = reaction. Learn as much as you can. Use your newfound knowledge to your benefit and walk away from the system that is destroying us. It is a bumpy road, but the answers to your questions are readily available as you uncover the truth.  Use logic and work within your means to escape the matrix of daily life. Remember, the more financially tied to the system you are; the more difficult it is to escape.  

Source:; March 30, 2016;

Source: Nexusnewsfeed

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