Haggai Katz on healing from the creation field

Haggai Katz

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(Earth Matters) After 15 years of working with ET medical teams, Haggai Katz saw the difference between the artificial field and the creation field, and despite the tremendous amount of significant healings, he recognized the ET medical teams originated from the artificial field, and so quit working with them!

In the last interview he spoke in great depth about why he made his decision, in this interview he will explain more about how he works from the creation field. What happens now during his sessions, how his claivoyance is still present and how he still gets supervision from offworlders. 

This interview is done by skype and we appologize for the little crack in the sound.

Website: haggaikatz.nl

Source: Earth Matters

If you are interested in sessions with Haggai, he works from Eindhoven and in the end of june also in Haren, in the north of Netherlands.

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